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How To Increase Memory On LG L3 E400 Using Link2SD

Increase System Memory Of Your LG E400-Using Link2SD


Why You Should Do This?

Lg Optimus L3 E400 is a great entry level smartphone. It has a larger fan base. It possess a 832MHz CPU, Adreno 200 GPU for quality gaming and has 384 MB RAM. It has 1 GB internal SD and Supports External SD. But the major problem is that it possess about close to 200 MB system memory which is actually the available space for installing apps. Which is a great bummer!

I mean, just look at the specs, every other aspects of this phone will make it a great choice for an entry level android phone.Memory is an issue for those people who really like to have the liberty of installing many apps including gamers. Here is a way to increase your system memory using Link2SD. I have tried this method earlier with HTC explorer a310e and was working like a charm. Now with certain modifications i was able to make it work out on LG L3 E400.




  • This method requires your phone to be rooted ; Check for rooting: Root LG L3 E400
  • You must have atleast 60% of your battery left before doing these steps
  • You must backup all your important data as you are about to create partitions and stuffs on your SD card.
  • You must have ClockworkMod installed on your L3 ; Check- Install CWM On LG L3
  • Enable " USB Debugging" and " Allow Mock Locations" On Development Settings of your device.

Instructions-Must Read



Let's Begin:


Part A

  • First enter recovery menu after rebooting( Press Vol Down+Home+Power Button)
  • From recovery mode, select " Wipe Data/Factory Reset" after that, select "Wipe Cache Partition" to wipe all your cache.
  • Next from "Advanced" settings, select "Wipe Dalvik Cache" .

  • Next reboot your device from main menu.

Part B

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard From Internet-Download
  •  Install it in your PC and run it.

  • Now unmount your SD card and using any card reader connect it to your PC.
    You can view your SD card from Minitool partition ( try to reload if not present)

  • Next Right Click on your SD card and select "Delete" from the menu. Keep in mind that this will delete all your Data present on your SD card. We have already warned you to backup important information before doing these steps.

  • Now right click on SD card and select "Create" .

  • Next from the Create New Partition Box, set File System : "FAT32". Here you must allocate the size you wish to utilize as internal memory . Then press "OK". ( leave some space for second partition 512+MB to your wish)
  • Now, repeat the above process again, but this time choose Create As: "Primary" and then change file system to ext2. ( you can also try ext3/ext4) But ext2 is much stable. This new partition will be the space utilized for storing your downloaded apps. Press OK to continue.


  • After partitioning SD, insert it into LG E400. 
  • Download Link2SD from playstore and install it on your device.
  • Next you have to run Link2SD. You will be greeted with a box in which you have to select the format for your second partition. Choose " ext2" and press OK.
  • It will immediately give a message to restart your phone. Press OK to Restart.
  • Now select "settings" at the bottom of link2sd. In the settings tab, tick-"Autolink", Autolink Notifications" and then select install location as "External". After that select Power OFF option

  • Reboot Your Phone when this process completes. Its done. Now use Multi Select and select all the apps to transfer. You can Select the Apps one by one also.Once you have selected all the required apps press "Actions" button. It Will Give You a new window. Select " Create Link".In Create link window tick all the options and press OK.
Your Apps are now moved to SD card.
Please comment about any compatibility issues as i had custom kernels on my LG L3 and CM9.


  1. Perfectly worked on increasing memory on my lg l3 e400.. Thanks brother..

    1. Thank you for trying this method.

  2. Hi,
    just wondering why do I need to factory reset my phone, when all I have to do is partition the ext-sd card and install link2sd?
    Thanks for this great article.

  3. hi vishnu,, i just want to know if this gonna work to a "rooted only LG E400" even you are not downloading ROMs like c9cyonegen?

  4. If possible, can you provide a simple video for this? I really appreciate it!!! Thank you.

  5. You need to have CWM installed to do this. I haven't tried without it.

    It was same as i did with my htc explorer a310e. Ported that method to lg l3 via same steps.

    Yes i am thinking of making a video tutorial . but my limited Internet bandwidth doesn't allow me to do so..
    I will try my best.....

  6. My LG E400 will only hold about 6 txs. What is that all about. NEVER had this happen with new phone. phone saying low. on space had phone a week! What can I do??? Pls help nightmare

  7. can't find link2sd in cm9. where it is???

  8. Please help, i just trying your method and after all process. but after installing line, whatsapp, and facebook, i still get the memory low on my LG Optimus L3 E400. Are we still should move apps to sd or how? need advice, but thanks before...

  9. Can LG L3 E400 increase memory on using "int2ext+" ?

  10. Does it work to lg l3 e400 with cm9 costom rom?

  11. Does it work to lg l3 e400 with cm9 costom rom?

  12. Does it work to lg l3 e400 with cm9 costom rom?

  13. Does it work to lg l3 e400 with cm9 costom rom?

  14. Does it work to lg l3 e400 with cm9 costom rom?

  15. the phone is not able to reboot its staying as blue robot animation..................................

  16. Vishnu, how and where can I make a back up?

  17. There is another easier way which I have already done:
    What u need:
    1. Clockworkmod recovery installed on ur lg e400
    2. ROM Manager downloaded
    3. download link2sd when mentioned in the steps
    4. Backup of ur sd card
    1. From ROM Manager select partition sd card at the bottom
    2. Select the required storage size(I slected 256 mb in both the cases)
    3. Select ok.
    4. This will partition ur sd card and erase memory from sd card(I told u to take backup)(may take upto 3 mins)
    5. Download link2sd
    6. Select ext 2.
    7. Device will be rebooted
    8. Now u can send ur apps to sd card...Enjoy

  18. For those who have problems with mounting the FAT32 partition after partitioning the SD card(you get the message thats says something like "SD Card is blank"), this is how your SD card needs to be partitioned(i have used EaseUS Partition Manager, first you need to wipe the disc):
    1.FAT > primary > i have used 7Mb
    2. EXT2 > primary > the size you need for storing apps
    3.FAT32 > primary > remaining size

  19. Wow! This is Amazing! Thank you! :) I followed your instructions carefully and I don't Have any problem encountered.. Thank you for this tutorial, I used some tutorials but it has an error after doing that and putting back my sd card, it says "Blank Memory" do you want to format sd card?... until I found out in your article that the LG-E400 ha another kind of partitioning. :) God Bless.

  20. Great to know it worked out for you Vincent. Keep visiting for updates

  21. Is it possible to partition 8gb of a 32gb External SD card?

  22. hi and thnx for the nice tutorial. With this method i will be able to install new apps directly to the SD card? Is that possible?

  23. after greeted and select the format for second partition.
    i Choose " ext2" and press OK.

    then it say mount script error, what should i do?

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Phoneshops can also do all these?

  26. Phoneshops can also do all these?

  27. Phoneshops can also do all these?

  28. i hv lg e400 i tired above but i hv problem the app clockworkmod recoveryy openn when i start may phnee

  29. every thing is going fine as above i do but when i update my phne thn reboot it the app clockworkmod recovery open

  30. @ Edmundo,

    Phoneshops wont do any of these methods.These methods voids warranty

  31. @Devil Maycry,

    so are you saying that, after CWM then boots into cyanogen logo only

  32. Can i do this after installing ICS??

  33. Yes cyanogen ICS won't interfere with link2sd

  34. Hi, I found your tutorial very helpful, and it was working fine but when i tried to access the storage setting after making the link it made the settings application shut down, also i think my phone got a little slower after installing CM9

  35. After part 1 my phone is not rebooting. Its going back to the same clockworkmod recovery screen. What to do??

  36. @ simca,

    are you in CM9?
    once in CWM, can you reboot to normal booting.??

    if so , then

    the file that enables CWM on boot should be in /system/etc/init.d. It will probably be named something like "cwmonboot" or similar. If you delete the file and reboot once or twice you should be able to boot directly into Android.

  37. Am not on cm9.
    Cant do normal booting once in CWM. Keeps going back to cwm recovery page

  38. @simon,

    try to get into your system in “cold-boot” (keep pressing power+VolDown, then select Android).

    Open a terminal window, e.g. with Android Terminal Emulator from

    Now, enter “su” to get root access. Superuser might ask you for authorization.

    Then enter

    echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0

    (please triple-check for mistyping!!!)

    Reboot. Your device should now work normal again.

  39. Vishnu: after following your procedure the phone does no longer boot, not even showing the LG logo.

  40. use KDZ updater to unbrick LG L3


  41. I used kingo android root to root my LG L3, and use other mastheads to do the rest and its works nicely. Thanks bro...

  42. @ Sudip and others,

    """".........more than one device and emulator error: device not found [*] """"

    to solve it try to remove any other virtual drives which are mounted on your system. thrn try again

  43. can i increase system memory after installing cyanogenicmod......
    otherwise i increase the internel memory then install cyanogenicmod

  44. @ suresh,

    try it after installing CM9

  45. can i install jelly bean when i do this alreasdy

  46. mount script error
    mount script cannot be created
    mount: invalid argument

  47. after finishing the partition and inserting it into the phone it says blank sd card (i unmounted the phone before removing it ), if i try to mount it ,it is not ready ..suggestion plz ..and it says no second partition .where have i gone wrong

  48. and if i format my sd again without partition it accepts and works normally ..

  49. @ Vidya,

    while creating the second partition did you choose it to be Primary?

    check again this time ensuring that you have selected primary in partition

  50. HI VISHNU, Till the Link2sd its workin. App askes me for ext2 ext 3 stuff, but after pressing OK it says invalid mount storage???? every thing is stoped here.

  51. Must be something wrong with the partition type, i think.
    Have you set the two partitions to be primary?

    redo the partition and make sure both partitions are primary this time.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. how do you do the 1st and 2nd steps in part A??

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. hey vishnu..i have already completed all the step in your tutorial..i just noticed that the 2nd partition that i have created cannot store my apps on it..everytime i mode my apps to sd card it goes to the internal memory which is already full... can you help me fix this??? thaks by the way :]

  56. im done with deleting and creatingon sd card . but after i creat at the first time i cant reapeat it again .. please help me

  57. i try your method bro its so very effective! godbless you bro!

  58. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I am a big fan of reading, thanks for sharing this wonderful information.
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  59. PLEASE guys im stuck at cyanogenmod start screen and my recovery is not also working..

  60. Hi, I had followed above steps but this increases only storage memory not system memory. Could you please suggest the steps to increase system memory as that would allow to run installed applications.


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