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Unroot And Install Stock Recovery On HTC Explorer A310E Pico


How To Unroot And Install Stock Recovery- HTC Explorer A310E Pico


We have seen how to root HTC explorer a.k.a pico in our previous post- Root HTC A310E.
Now when you want to go to your company/dealer you have to unroot the device. Rooting voids warranty and support from dealer.

Here is how you can Unroot your htc explorer.


Rooting can void warranty. Be careful while doing these steps.If incorrectly done, it can brick your phone. Don't worry warranty can be secured if unrooted.
  • Make sure you have atleast 65% battery remaining
  • You Should have Android SDK and Java runtime installed
  • Back Up all your required data
  • You should have already rooted your phone for this method to work.
  • Must have ADB installed in your PC 
  • Increase screen timeout on your device under Display settings (30+ min)
  • Follow these methods carefully

 Instructions: Must Read


Let's Begin:

  • Next you have to extract the files of the zip file to your desktop
  • Enable USB Debugging on phone
  • After extracting you will get two folders; one for unrooting and the other one for stock recovery.

  • Connect phone to PC using USB cable.

  • Double click the file named runme-UNROOT.bat under the Unrooting folder, and it will start unrooting your device.

  • Wait for unrooting process to finish and reboot your device ( automatically reboots, no need to manually reboot your phone). Keep the phone connected to PC if you want stock recovery.

You have successfully unrootted your HTC pico. Now to make your device clean you have to install stock recovery.

  • Do not remove phone from PC. Now run the recovery.bat file from stock recovery folder.

  • This will help to flash your old stock recovery on htc pico.

  • after installation is complete just disconnect device from PC.

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Root And Unroot Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300


How To Root And Unroot On Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket is one of the greatest entry level smartphones out on the market. It has greatly influenced the young generation of India along with its big brother the Galaxy Y. The fact is that you can consider Pocket as smaller only in terms of screen size. Equipped with a CPU similar to Y, but great amount of RAM and Internal memory, which is a great plus point.

We will see how to root and install CWM recovery on Pocket


Rooting can void warranty. Be careful while doing these steps.If incorrectly done, it can brick your phone. Don't worry warranty can be secured if unrooted.
  • Make sure you have atleast 65% battery remaining
  • Back Up all your required data
  • Follow these methods carefully

 Instructions: Must Read



Let's Root:


  • Copy this root file to your SD card. ( keep it in root directory, no need to place it in any folders)

  • Enable USB Debugging

  • Switch off your phone, then you have to reboot into recovery mode.
  • To enter recovery mode of your ace, press Power+Volume up+Home together
  • Select Install zip from SD card. 
  • Choose the copied root file and continue
  • Wait for the whole process to finish
  • When installation completes successfully, and reboot. 
You have successfully rooted Pocket!!  To check whether rooting went ok, check for Superuser app on your drawer.

How To Unroot :

  • Download the recovery zip file --- Recovery

  • Enable USB Debugging

  • Rename this downloaded file to "update" and copy the file to your SD card.

  • turn off your device and enter recovery mode

  • Select install zip from SD card and choose the copied file.

  • Wait for process to finish and reboot your device.

There you go, Successfully Unrooted your Pocket!!
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Increase Internal Memory On HTC Explorer A310E Pico [ Link2SD ]


How To Increase Your HTC Pico's Internal Memory Using Link2SD

HTC explorer is super star in the android budget range. Loved equally by users and developers. I am not lying , see for yourself- almost all Cyanogen-mods ,scripts, kernels and lots more support Pico. Isn't it proof for its unmatched popularity.

Even with all these features, the greatest drawback is its lack in internal memory. Almost every user have complained about the dreaded low internal memory issue. Hopefully by the help of some awesome developers we managed to get a solution.

 A simple method to increase your pico's internal memory is explained here.  We use link2sd  ( an android app available for free in playstore) to do the process.

What is Link2SD?

 Link2SD uses the second partition of your SD card to use it as an additional segment of internal memory.


  • Phone Must Be Rooted . Check:- How To Root HTC Explorer Pico
  • Remove App2SD if you have it installed
  • Move Apps From SD To internal to link afterwards
  • Install Link2SD, no need to run it.
  • No Need to format your SD card, just have atleast 1 GB free space. 
  • Stock ROM Supports FAT32 as primary. Those with kernal update having ext2,ext3 .. can use it also.


Let's Begin:

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard From Internet.
  •  Run Minitool Partition Wizard
  •  Plug in your SD card using Card Reader ( USB Mounting is not trustworthy). You can view your SD card from Minitool partition ( try to reload if not present)

  • Next right click on your SD card. From the pop up menu select " Move/Resize". It will bring you to a new section.

  • Now move the memory slider to get min 512MB to 1024MB on " Unallocated Space", as shown in figure. I have created 1026.66 MB unallocated space. If you have a bigger SD card of 4-8-16-32 GB sizes, better go for 1-4 GB space. i was using a class 4 memory card ( 2GB ) for demonstration. Finally press OK

  • Now you have to create a new partition on your unallocated space. For that right click on the new space and select" Create". (Right Click>>Create). It will show a pop-up message, just ignore it and press "Yes".  ( It just shows that after you partition on the primary can be seen on Windows. You can view it on MiniTool)

  • This will lead you to new window , where you have to partition your newly created space. Select a name for your drive, Choose "Create As"- Primary, then select "File System"- FAT32. Leave "Cluster Size"- Default.  Finally Press OK.

  • Then press " Apply " on Top Left Corner. It will give a warning, press OK and continue.

  • It will take Some Time to create and resize partition. Wait till it finishes.

  • You have successfully created the secondary partition for Link2SD. Reboot your device and follow the next processes on HTC Explorer.

Now Lets Head over to Link2SD


  • Open Link2SD on your a310e, you will be welcomed with a screen like this. Now Select" FAT32 "
  • Next you will encounter a SuperUser Request. Press Allow button on the screen.

  • Now you will get a message showing that mount script have been successfully created on your SD card. You need to restart your device. Press OK at the menu.

  • Now you will recieve the old Power options. Choose Restart. Once restarted open Link2SD and click the Menu button and go to "Storage Info". You can see your Internal memory, and the two SD partitions.

  •  Now use Multi Select and select all the app to transfer. You can Select the Apps one by one also.

  • Once you have selected all the required apps press "Actions" button. It Will Give You a new window with the following options as in figure. Select " Create Link"

  •  Next you will recieve a " Create Link? " Window. Tick all the three options and press OK.

  • Once done you can see the selected apps have been linked to your SD card ( see an orange colored text on top of the app). Next Reboot Your Phone.

  • After Rebooting you have to configure your Link2SD settings. Go to Settings by pressing the menu button and configure how you would like Link2SD to work. 

There You go! You have successfully installed and configured Link2SD to increase  your internal memory. ( Enable Auto link).

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Monday, 20 May 2013

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i


Root Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i



Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i is a well reputed android device in low-mid range series. It is equipped with android 2.3 Gingerbread, 832 MHz CPU, Adreno 200 GPU, a 5MP primary camera.. It has 32GB expandable memory. Let's see how to root this champ.


Rooting can void warranty. Be careful while doing these steps.If incorrectly done, it can brick your phone. Don't worry warranty can be secured if unrooted.
  • Make sure you have atleast 65% battery remaining
  • Back Up all your required data
  • Follow these methods carefully

 Instructions: Must Read


Root package zip

Let's Begin:


  • Download the root file (
  • Copy the zip file to your phone's SD card.
  • enable USB debugging on your device.
  • switch off your phone, then you have to reboot into recovery mode.
  • To enter recovery mode of your ace, press Power+Volume up+Home together
  • selsect "install zip from SD card"
  • choose the copied zip file and continue.
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • When installation completes successfully, select "reboot now"
Your Ace s5830i is rooted. You can check whether it is rooted  by Root Checker app from playstore.

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How To Overclock LG Optimus L3 E400 Cyanogenmod 9


OverClock Your LG L3 E400 Custom Kernel 

[ Root Required ]

LG Optimus L3 E400 is a great affordable budget android device. We have seen how to root this great device and even saw how to install CM9 Custom ROM on L3.

This device has a great 832Mhz CPU and Adreno 200 GPU. This kernel update is for those who have installed CM9 in their LG l3 E400. This kernel update will allow you to overclock the cpu to a maximum 1.1GHz clock speed. It also stabilizes the Adreno GPU. It also supports zram, swap, USB fix, Camera Fix etc.


  • Please Read the steps carefully and execute them exactly as said here.
  • The device for installation Must Be Rooted - Check This : Root LG L3 E400
  • You must have Cyanogenmod 9 installed- Check this: Install CM9 in LG L3 E400
  • We aren't Responsiblie for any damage occurred to your device. Do at your own risk
  • This method is tested and working fine in CM9 L3


Overclock_ Kernel

How To Install:

  • Download the above file

  • Copy the zip file to your SD card.
  • Next you have to reboot your phone

  • Enter CWM recovery mode

  •  select "install zip from sd card" and select the kernel file. ( No need to wipe anything; cache, dalvik...etc)

  • Reboot your device and Its done!

Install any CPU overclock  app from the playstore, and you are ready to overclock your LG L3 E400.
I prefer SetCPU/No Frills CPU. You can choose any you like.

Note: Don't jump the clock setting by a large margin, move the slider bit by bit and check whether its stable. It has few problem like restarting when clocked above 1 GHz.

Feel free to comment.
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Friday, 3 May 2013

Install JellyBean On Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 [JellyBlast]


How To Install JellyBean On Samasung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y is a cute little budget android phone which has caught the hearts of young people in India and over the world. The device comes with android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is far outdated in present scenario, with Jellybean overtaking GB earlier this year in terms of users. Those who have used Y for a long time must have been bored by the old GB interface. So we can show you how to install JellyBean ROM in your favorite Galaxy Y. 

[Edited] For those who experienced IMEI loss, bricking etc, here is the method to revert back to stock Rom- How To UnBrick , Unroot Galaxy Y


  • Create back-up of all your data
  • Phone should possess atleast 65% battery life left
  • We aren't responsible for any problems with your device, Do this at your own risk.
  • Rooting Voids Warranty
Instructions: Must Read

[Edited] Important: Backup your IMEI number ;many have faced network loss due to loss of IMEI number.

Install Jellybean:

  • Before Starting Root Your device and Install CWM Recovery- Click here

  • Download the JellyBlast Rom from 4share by searching "" ( about 122 MB)

  • Using USB connect your phone to Pc and copy the downloaded Rom file to your SD card.

  • Disconnect device from PC.

  • Boot into Recovery Mode-( Press Home+Volume Up+Power buttons)

  • Now you can use home button to select and Volume buttons to navigate.

  • Next you have to wipe all of the given stuffs:  [ wipe format, wipe system, wipe data, wipe boot, wipe dalvick, wipe cache ]

  • Next select "install zip from SD card" and in the coming page select "choose zip from SD card".

  • Now select the downloaded "" rom file from your SD card and confirm it.

  • Now you have to wait till the process is finished. It will take some time.

  • When Jellybean is successfully installed, you will get a confirmation. Next go to main menu and select" Reboot System Now", and wait for it to restart.

  • Please note that the first boot takes quite some time, be patient.

Note: If your device hangs on boot screen/welcome screen, no need to worry. Just do all these steps again after removing the battery and reloading it.

There you go! Your Galaxy Y is now flashed with JellyBean Rom.
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Root & Install CWM Recovery-Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360


How To Root And Install ClockWorkMod Recovery: Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

[update- temporary CWM zip installation]

Samsung Galaxy Y is a great entry level android phone equipped with a good deal of stuffs. It has a 800 MHz CPU and possess 290 MB RAM. It runs on android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.It lacks a separate Graphics processor while HTC Explorer, LG L3 E400 has adreno 200 GPU for 3D performance.But it still is a good phone to consider, with the low price compared to other models in its range. If you wanna increase the performance or install a custom rom and enjoy your Y a little longer, you need to root it. 

This guide will help you to Root Galaxy Y GT-S5360


Rooting can void warranty. Please be careful while executing these procedures.
  • Make sure you have backed up all your personal data, it may get lost during rooting
  • The phone should possess atleast 65% battery life.
  • Rooting Voids Warranty, You can acquire warranty after Unrooting.
  • CWM can only be done after Rooting!
Instructions: Must Read


Temporary CWM zip

Let's Root:

  • Download The file provided.
  • Now using PC move this file to your Phone's SD card.
  • Now Turn Off your device.
  • Boot Into recovery Mode- { Press Home+Volume Up+Power Button]
  • From the Menu Select "Update from SD card"
  • Next choose the copied file from SD card.
  • Reboot using the reboot option in Recovery options menu.
Congrats! You have successfully Rooted Your Galaxy Y!

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery:

A. Temporary CWM Installation

 The following method does not permanently install CWM on your Galaxy Y.  You will need to install it every time you need to flash a custom ROM or use other functions of CWM.

  • Copy the downloaded CWM zip file into your SD card's root directory. Its best not to move it to any folders/subfolders.  
  • Turn your device off after copying. Disconnect from PC.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Home and Power buttons until you see the Samsung Galaxy Y logo.'
  • Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to highlight the "apply update from sd card" option and press the Home button to select it.
  • Locate the file you copied above and press the Home button to flash it.
You have successfully flashed CWM recovery on Galaxy Y.  You will need to install it every time you need to flash a custom ROM or use other functions of CWM.

B. Permanent CWM Installation
  • First Root Your Phone
  • Next Go to Google play-store to download ClockworkMod ROM manager app.
  • Then you have to enable USB Debugging by ; Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
  • After doing these steps correctly, Open ROM Manager App in your Ace
  • Now click the “Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery“. This process will download the ROM from ClockWorkMod. Better have Internet connection ready in your device.
  • After clicking, you will have to choose your phone model. Select your phone model from list and it will download the ROM. Then Reboot your phone.

There You go. You have successfully installed CWM Recovery!
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Install JellyBean On HTC Explorer A310E Pico [JellySlash] CM10


How To Install JellyBean CM10 On HTC Explorer A310E Pico [JellySlash]

HTC Explorer is a great entry level budget android phone with loads of stuff. Thanks to the mighty HTC hardware this little device can power even the jellybean with a 600MHz CPU.

Before Starting: You Can Also Check-

HTC Explorer can really handle the ROM without much lags or any sort of disturbances.


Instructions: Must Read 

Before Installing The ROM You have To Install CWM Recovery. It can be done only after rooting your phone. Backup all your Data since installing new rom will erase phone data.
We aren't responsible for any damage happened to your phone. Rooting can Void Warranty. Don't try this guide if you have no idea about rooting or any of the mentioned procedures.

Before Starting:

1. Root Your Phone + Unlock bootloader. Click here for procedure. 
2. You have to install A CWM recovery.- Click here
3. Make sure you have atleast 65% of battery charge to spare.
4. Download The .zip ROM from source-Download
5. You wont get Google Apps in this Rom, so you have to get the zip for Gapps installation. Download them for CM10.

Let's Start:


1. Download .zip ROM file and kernel file from the link.

2. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable- don't forget to enable USB debugging 

3. Copy both files to the external memory. Don’t extract them. ( Its better to place files on SD). If you want you can place the GApps in phone, copy the files also.

4. Disconnect mobile from PC and Turn it off by long pressing power button.
5. Enter into the bootloader mode. To enter into bootloader mode, Hold Volume Down + Power Button simultaneously until bootloader mode appears.
6. In bootloader menu navigate using volume keys and highlight recovery and enter into recovery mode by pressing Power button. You will now reach Custom recovery.
7. Now wipe "data/factory reset" and then " wipe cache partition " to wipe all the data and caches respectively on the phone.
8. Now let's Flash the ROM. Select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard. Then select the CyanogenMod 10 file and install.
9. The installation takes some time to finish. 
Note: If you want to install GAPPS then repeat the step of install zip from sdcard and chose zip from sdcard. But this time chose Gapps package.

10. After successful flashing of both the files, select  +++++Go back+++++  and then reboot system now. Normally the first boot takes quite a lot of time. Please be patient. 

You have successfully Installed Jellybean On HTC Explorer Pico using CM10.

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