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Increase Internal Memory Of Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360


How To Increase Internal Memory Of Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360

***Delete Bloatwares, Link Apps to SD, Increase Internal Memory***

Samsung galaxy y is a highly popular entry level android phone. The device packs fair quality stuffs. Then again, you can’t wish for HTC quality at this price.

The most annoying part of galaxy y is poor ram and low internal memory.
In this article we will show you how to increase internal memory of Galaxy Y GT S5360.


  • Rooting voids the device warranty. Do at your own risk
  • These methods are given by xda experts
  • Always make a backup of all important data.
  • These methods are highly device specific. Please don't try this for other handsets.
 ( Tested ROMs: Galaxy Y  Stock, ChobitsDigitalis Legacy 1.6 and 1.8, may work with almost all roms with Link2sd Support)

Lets Begin: 

This methods requires your phone to be rooted first.

Step 1: Partition Your Memory Card Into two.

  • Download and Install MiniTool Partition, tool
  • Partition Your SD card into two sections
Partition 1:
Label: Android-SD
File System: FAT32
Partition Size(in MB): 1536 MB (1.5GB for 2GB SD Cards) or 836MB (for 1GB SD Cards)

( for Cards above 2GB, deduct 1 GB for the second partition)

Partition 2:
Label: Android-EXT(EXT Number): Ex. Android-EXT2/EXT3 or EXT4
File System: EXT3 (preferable file system) 

Ext3 is tested and working fine on stock. So it is advisable.

"For EXT partition it is advisable to keep the size limited to 1 GB for all SD cards above 4GB."

  • Install link2sd from playstore

  • Open Link2sd. It will ask the Second partition of your SD card. Select the second partition that you have made.

  • Now it will ask you you to restart. You can do it now or its better to check the current memory info from Menu--> Storage Info.

  • Now Restart.  

  • Open Link2SD and filter Applist to show only User Apps by tapping on the funnel icon and then select User.
Auto link all applications installed: select auto link from settings tab and make sure you have ticked all three links, dalvik,library,files,etc.

Move An Application To Second Partition :
  •  Now in order to move an app to sd card, Select an application--> tick the following
Link application file (the .apk file itself)
Link dalvik-cache file
Link library file (if an app have lib files)

Uninstall Bloatwares:

  • In order to uninstall bloatwares, Filter the applist to show only the system apps.
  • Tap on the application and press Uninstall. It will give you a warning. Never mind, just continue.

There you go! You have successfully incresed the Internal Memory of your Galaxy Y GT S5360
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Increase Internal Memory And RAM Of Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

How To Increase Internal Memory And RAM Of Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is a great entry level android phone equipped with some pretty ok features.

In this Article I will show you guys how to increase the internal memory and RAM of your GT s6102.

  1. Rooting Voids Warranty
  2. The methods given here are by experts
  3. Try them at your own Risk.
  4. Always make backup of any files required before proceeding further.


Let’s Begin:
(Important –Swap and related A2SDGUI and Swapper are for RAM increasing process. For just increasing Internal memory, no need for swapper)

Step 1 : Partitioning Your SD Card For Link2SD

  1. First Download Magic Partition Tool , which available for free
  2. Make sure you use a Class 4 or higher SD card for this procedure.
  3. Next, using Magic tool partition your SD card into two- FAT32, EXT2.( use three Partitions for Using Swapper for increasing RAM-Third partition is swap.)

Step 2: Install Custom Kernel
Custom kernel is for init.d support.
  1. Download CWM and iDuos1.3.1 zip file and put in your sd card.
  2. Now boot into stock recovery ( POWER+VOL UP+HOME)
  3. Now Select “ Apply update from SD card”
  4. First select the CWM zip file
  5. Select “ Install zip from SD card”
  6. Choose zip from SD card.
  7. Now select the iDuos kernel zip file.
  8. Next , continue with the installation.
  9. After, press Back Key,, “reboot system now”
After finishing the installation and rebooting, check the kernel status on “About Phone” section from settings ..

Step 3: Root your Galaxy Y Duos GT S6102

The procedure for rooting Galaxy Y Duos has been posted earlier. Try this link to Root your device.-- How To Root GTS6102

Step 4: Install Link2SD on Your device.
  1. Install Link2SD via Google play.
  2. After installing link2sd go to Settings:--Applications:--Developments:--Now tick , “USB Debugging” and “ Allow Mock Locations”.
  3. Run Link2sd.
  4. Now it will ak you to select a file system for second partition. Choose” ext2”.
  5. It will ask you to restart the device. Press “ OK”
  6. After restarting , from link2sd choose “Settings”
  7. Tick the “ Auto link” and Auto link notification”
  8. Now set Install location as “ External”
  9. Power Off.
  10. Turn on the device and open link2sd to verify whether everything went okay.
  11. From “Storage info” you can easily verify it.

Note: For SD cards Greater than 4 GB , use 1 GB+ for Second Partition

Step 4 : Install A2SDGUI-Darktremor A2SD GUI

  1. Download A2SDGUI from Google Play
  2. Install it
  3. Run A2SDGUI
If A2SDGUI can’t start;
  1. Reboot your device
  2. Boot into stock recovery
  3. Select “apply update from SD card”
  4. Choose CWM zip :--Install zip from SD card.:--Choose zip from SD System

  1. Open A2SDGUI
  2. From Apps2SD section and verify whether everything is activated or is on.
  3. Be Extremely Careful or it will become a mess. Believe me.-“ Tick only “ Dalvik Cache on Internal memory”
  4. Don’t tick anything else.
  5. Check System info for Current RAM, Internal memory, SD card memory, etc.

Step 5 : Increases your RAM
  1. Download Swapper for Root from playstore.
  2. Install swapper
  3. Run Swapper Configuration -->Tick Active swap on boot--> Swap file position: SD card FAT Partition-->Swap fle size: 200-->Save
  4. Wait till it finishes configuring.
  5. Now run A2SDGUI-->System info
  6. Check whether RAM has increased.

There You Go! You have successfully increased your Galaxy Y Duos’s internal memory and RAM.

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