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How To Unlock Any HTC Device Bootloader [ Steps-Guide]


How To Unlock any HTC Device Bootloader Easily[Steps]

HTC has been supportive enough to help us in unlocking their devices bootloader. This step is most important for development purposes. A must for Rooting, installing custom Roms, and many other uses. The entire process of unlocking bootloader is quite lengthy and heavy. With proper care we can do it with ease. I have made a detailed guide on how to unlock bootloader on any HTC device.


Unlocking the bootloader of any device causes its internal memory. Be sure to backup all data,photos,contacts etc..
  • HTC device will lose its warranty if bootloader is unlocked.
  • We aren't responsible for any damage happened to your device.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged
  • This works only for STOCK ROMS
  • Install HTC SYNC
  • Make sure you have all the required drives installed on your PC
  • Java Runtime Environment required.

Let's Begin:

Step 1

  • Install HTC Sync 

  • Now extract all its content to Main Drive( C:\android). 

Step 2

  • Now you have to visit
  • Log in if you already registered, or fill a new registration. 
  • Open "Unlock Bootloader" Section on site and click on "Get Started" icon.
  • Select your device from the drop down list. ( if your device isn't listed. No need to worry, just select "All Supported Model". You will be fine )
  • Click on " Begin Unlock Bootloader"
  • When they ask for your permission just press "YES".
  • Tick the boxes in Legal Terms and press " Proceed to Unlock Instructions"

  • Follow the instructions as written on the HTC site. After you follow all 4 Steps on site. Click on " Proceed to Step 5". We have already completed step 5. Copied the tree files from zip file to C:\android.

Step 3

  • open command prompt ( Start->Run and type cmd.)
  • In command prompt type,  
cd c:\android
fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Copy the output you see on the screen to notepad. You just require the sequence of numbers and letters. remove everything else.Do not edit "Identifier token start" or End.
  • Paste the edited output inside the My Device Identifier Token box on the HTC’s Developer website, and press the Submit button.
  • Now you will get an email from htc containing an .bin file which has the unlock code. Copy this file to your C:\android folder.
  • Then on cmd , type;
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • You will see a message on your HTC device asking that whether you really want to unlock your bootloader. navigate using volume up key and highlight Yes. Using Power button,select it. Your phone’s bootloader will be unlocked and it will restart automatically. The first boot might take some time though, so be patient.
Once restarted you have an unlocked HTC device ready to explore new a world.
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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Revert HTC Explorer Back To Stock ROM [Flash Stock ROM-2.3.5][GingerBread]


How To Flash Stock GingerBread ROM on HTC Explorer

A lot of people want to revert their HTC explorer to old stock ROM. This method will help you to return to factory ROM. Follow these steps carefully and you will have your old gingerbread system.


  • We are not responsible for any damage happened to your phone
  • Rooting Voids Warranty
  • Fully charge your pico
  • Backup all your personal data. We are not responsible for any data loss.




Stock HTC ROM (ASIA)-pico-asia1.43.720.2


Let's Begin:

Step 1
  •  Download the rom zip file from above link, and copy it to your phone's SD card.(Root directory will be a better place as its easier to access)

Step 2
  • Reboot into recovery mode.( " Volume Down"+"Power" )
Step 3 
  • wipe data/factory reset , wipe cache partitions , wipe dalvik cache , wipe battery stats
Step 4
  • Go back and Select " install zip from SD card", choose a zip to apply. Select the downloaded rom file and flash this zip file.

Step 5
  • Wait till the flashing process is complete. The first reboot might take some time. Please be patient.
There you go! You have flashed a stock ROM on your Pico.

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