Monday, 18 February 2013

Root HTC Explorer Pico A310E

How To Root HTC Explorer A310E( Pico )?

 Remove pre-installed HTC apps3. How to move apps to SD ( create FAT32 partitions)

HTC Explorer is a great budget android phone. Equipped with a lot of candy features, not to mention the Sense 3.5 UI. If you want to select your first android touch phone and budget tight then,need not consider any other but the explorer itself. Superb first android phone.It is powered by a 600MHz processor ,Adreno 200 GPU, 3.2MP camera (no flash) and many more. So this cute little phone has a little bad side-a low 90MB linternal memory. it has some pre-installed apps that cannot be removed. How to remove them?
Rooting is the only way. Let's see how to root it. Its fast and simple-yet effective.


Rooting makes your warranty void. This is simple guidelines created by experts. Mistake might be present. please be kind enough to report. Wrong doings can brick your phone!!!


Follow these steps carefully---
  • First thing you have to do is install HTC sync on your PC 
It can be downloaded from HTC site. This will help to communicate between PC and Device

  • Next you have to unlock your phone's bootloader 
 ( Go to From Bootloader section select your device. But HTC explorer isnt listed on the site. No need to worry. Just select "All Supported Models", and follow the steps.)

  • Now 'ADD A RECOVERY' - 
That will allow you to install .zip ROMs. You can access to it in the menu android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously. (Other phones have different button combinations).

1.  Download  this recovery file -
2.  Extract all the files to any place on your PC like E:/explorer
3.  Run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode (first option in the "3 android menu" ) and connected with USB.

If you have done all this correctly then you have successfully installed the recovery files.You can now install any compatible .zip ROM or app.
  • Lets Root It
 1. Download this file- Superuser
 2. Next place this file in your micro-SD card- any location (doesn't matter)
 3. Go into Recovery Mode -  ( " Volume Down"+"Power" )
 4. install Superuser zip file with the option "install .zip from SD" from the recovery menu.

There you go- Your HTC Explorer Is rooted and is all yours....

Recommended: Install "Link2sd" for moving your apps to SD card. This will help you to move apps to partitioned SD card


  1. its working. thanks

  2. after unlocking bootloader ....
    i cant understand the next step...

  3. exactly which one you don't understand?

  4. i extract the,when i run the .bat file(1kb) suddenly it opens the command prompt and it says press any key to continue,when i press any key nothing happened..plz help!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @riyas

    try like this;

    Before starting: enable USB Debugging!

    1. extract the zip files (Most preferable to C:\HTC)

    2. now remove you phones battery after switching off and load it again

    3. Press and hold volume down+ press power button until display comes

    4. select Fastboot (by volume buttons to navigate and power button to select)

    5. Connect phone via USB to the PC and run recovery.bat file

    6. Next go into recovery mode by restarting the device and pressing volume down and power key at the same time, till it boots into recovery.

    7. then select install zip from SD card.

    there you go. If this process doesn't work, please report.


    The steps after unlocking bootloader are given on above comment. you can also check it.

  7. I want to know,is that recovery.bat file I extract is right.....then I done all the things perfectly...same...when I click recovery.bat file it opens CP...then says press any key to continue....when I press nothing happened in my device r in PC......plz help...where I go wrong....also enabled USB debugging

  8. The file seems to be OK.It worked fine for evry device we checked.
    This is some other issue.

    I can provide an alternate link if you want. But i don't think that will make any difference.

    I will find out what is actually wrong as your'e quite sure that you did every steps precisely as i described..

    If anyone else is also facing such a problem as riyas please be kind enough to comment.

  9. hello admin,I want to know that what actually happen when I run the bat file (any changes in display)

  10. Dear Riyas,

    it will show like;

    C:\HTC>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img sending 'recovery' (4728 KB)... OKAY [ 0.889s] writing 'recovery'....

    finally gives Success and gives the time for completion..

  11. Riyas,

    if you are just rooting it, you dont have to worry the recovery step: it is mainly for installing custom roms.

    But if you wanna install custom roms, might look for TWRP recovery.

    alternate link for Recovery file:

    try this file and check back later

  12. dear admin,very thanks to u to spending ur valuable time with me........I have to know these things,1.without installing recovery can I root?? 2.if yes.Can I able to install recovery when I need custom Rom.......

  13. Its possible, but hasnt tried yet. I think you will be able to root.
    But not 100% guaranteed.

    I'm not so sure whether you can add recovery later.

    Let me check that out.
    Right now i am not at home. So wil take some time.

    Keep in mind that , if things go wrong, you may even have to flash a custon rom.

  14. rooting went well. i had problems with wifi. but nothing serious. everything else is fine.

    thanks a lot.

  15. Dear dheeraj,

    glad to hear that you were able to succesfully root your pico.

    What was that problem with wifi you were talking about?

    Anyway thank you for having faith in us. We are here to help. Feel free to ask.

  16. @Vishnu

    am unable to do these please help:
    3. Go into Recovery Mode - ( " Volume Down"+"Power" )
    4. install Superuser zip file with the option "install .zip from SD" from the recovery menu.

    can we install manually from computer?? please advice.

  17. Vishnu Nandan6 May 2013 at 14:12

    @ satish
    have you succesfuly cmpleted the unlock bootloadr and adding recovery steps?
    If then try these steps;
    1) remove the battery
    2) wait for 2 sec
    3) re insert it
    4) press n hold volume down button n then press n hold power button(dont leave the volume button while pressing power button) keep holding both of the buttons untill you seea white screen
    select instal zip from sd card,from recovery menu.
    Please comment the result.

  18. C:\HTC\A310E Recovery>fastboot flash recovery boot.img
    sending 'recovery' (4096 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.758s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    (bootloader) signature checking...
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
    finished. total time: 1.270s

  19. Vishnu Nandan8 May 2013 at 14:07

    Dear Ganesh Chavrasiya,

    did you unlock your htc explorer bootloader from htc dev site?

    If not please unlock your bootloader to enjoy rooting.

    Reply if problem is solved.

  20. Vishnu Nandan8 May 2013 at 14:14

    @ riyas,

    i have checked it and, you have to flash the recovery image to root successfully. It seems htc doesnt have a recovery menu. So flashing recovery is necessary.

    Recovery will enable you to install zip files. It is essential for installing or any other roms.

    Did you unlock your bootloader?
    Disable your antivirus and continue with flashing recovery image.

    Reply if issue stil exist.

    1. Please add me in facebook and help me with rooting my phone I dont want to make any mistake so please add me

  21. My Device Saying Like this:

    C:\htc\A310E Recovery>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    sending 'recovery' (4728 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.926s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    (bootloader) signature checking...
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
    finished. total time: 1.513s

    C:\htc\A310E Recovery>pause
    Press any key to continue . . .

  22. @Senthil,

    check whether you have done these.

    1. Unlocked bootloader, disable antivirus.

    2. Enter fastboot mode, run recovery.bat and connect phone via usb.

  23. problem in unlocking bootloader................. plz help....

  24. Dear Ameer,

    Please tell what exactly is your problem while unlocking the bootloader.
    Be more specific about the issue. I am positive that i can help you if you explain the exact issue.

  25. I have successfully rooted my htc explorer.But I have done factory reset after rooting due to which my htc explorer mobile cannot be boot and it get stop on blank htc screen.I cannot do anything on mobile.HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dear ganesh,

    you entered a bootloop.
    You need to flash a rom. Either orginal or any cyanogen roms.

    I have already posted how to install custom rom on htc explorer.

    Check it and ask for any help

  27. Dear ganesh,

    first enter bootloader and try to reset.

    Steps to remove old rom.

    Dowload jaggy rom htc a310e from here-

    1. Boot into recovery
    2. Format System (not wipe option but format option !!!)
    3. Format Data
    4. Format Cache then Format Boot
    5. Wipe Data/Factory reset (1st option in wipe/format menu)
    6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Next if you have some wiping utility like Full Wipe 1.5 Ext4 for that by selecting install zip from sd card and installing the zip...
    7. Now install zip from sd card and flash the rom
    8. If any kernel flash it as well
    9. Now reboot (Note don't flash any tweaks like transparent notification except gapps if required)
    10. Now setup your phone
    11. Reboot into recovery
    12. Now go into advanced fixpermissions and then any tweaks you want (Note whether mentioned or not always wipe Dalvik Cache before installing tweak zip).

  28. Everything went good but after booting and sending all apps to sd card using link to sd it still showing low internal memory about 13mb.
    plz give me suggetion, what went wronge.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Link2sd doesnt work if you havent partitioned your sd card.

      If you havent, then undo all the changes ,uninstal link2sd. Then install app2sd to move to sd.

      Hope it works. If you really want link2sd(which i prefer) i can show you how to partition sd.

      First try app2sd. Let me know if it works.

  29. app2sd works for some selected apps only and many apps like facebook, way 2 sms, etc get installed in phone memory only, sir what happened to my htc is after rooting is done using superuser i created partition on sd card using mini tool wizard and after it had been done successfully, i opened link to sd, but after selecting on any app it shows system file and there is no option highlighted as move to sd,.
    Move to sd option is highlighted only for those apps which app2sd itself can move.
    Sir plz suggest me any solution,
    My htc set, due to its intrnl memory issue is no more than a very simple mobile.
    My phone was rooted successfully, by the way.

    1. Tell me while partioning sd card using mini tool, what formats did you use?

  30. Fat32 and also i did change another option from secondary to primary.
    sir actually i had not formatted my mobile before i rooted it, does that make any diffrence.?

    1. Please call me vishnu, that 'sir' creates a weird gap.

      Formatting or not formating before rooting doesnt make any difference.

      Let me check the issue in detail. Please be patient.

    2. I assume that you tried to move apps to sd. Thats not the way you should use link2sd. Before starting, primary part.:FAT32 secondary part. Ext2 right? 1. Open link2sd. Select apps to move. (use multiselect) 2. Hit menu button and press Actions. 3. Select "Create link" from list 4. Tick all the boxes (link file, dalvk cache, library) 5. Continue. And when finished you can see the list of app linked to sd. Reboot. For those apps already moved to sd. You have to move them to internal mem. And do the folowing process.

  31. Actually The same steps i had followed b4 but whenever i press multiselect followed by create link, it shows "no selection" "system file" etc.
    One more thing i would like to share (if it has anything to do with this issue),
    It is my second time i am rooting my device actually first time, after i had rooted my device, i did format my device.
    Due to which it was behaving abnormally like after sometime it started restarting automatically. So i decided to root my device again and facing the following problems that you are just aware of. But except this multiselect problem every thing went well i mean rooting device using superuser then creating partition on sd using minitool wizard, etc.

  32. I am waiting for your reply, plz do comment.

  33. Replies
    1. I will always be there help. Just post a comment if you are facing problems related to anything in the site.

      Keep visiting for more updates

  34. can Ne1 help me out ...
    how I can snap a whatsapp screen or any other page screen by ma htc A310E explorer.. plz help me....

    1. Press power and home key simultaneously

  35. Vishnu I Have Not Rooted HTC Explorer. Before Rooting I Want To Ask You 2 Questions.
    10 I Have HTC Explorer A310b So I Want To Ask Will This Method Work For My HTC. Because It Is Of A310E and I Have A310b.
    2) I Have Visited Many Forums About Rooting But Everywhere Peoples Are Worried About Their Wifi... The Same Problem Dheeraj Explained. Do You Guys Have Wifi Problems.?. Because After Rooting I Think It's Common.
    Please Reply Me Soon. Awating Your Response. Thanks And Sorry For My Low Level English.!

    1. Dear syed,

      here are your answers,

      1. This method will work on a310b. I am positive.

      2. Few users were reporting minor bugs.
      Such as wifi issue, dheeraj was talking about. But its rare and in most scenario it is not much of a fun spoiler. If you wanna root, try it. I am not compeling you. Make sure you have htc sync and do all the steps mentioned exactly as it is said.

  36. hi.. Vishnu plz help me also...

  37. Plz vishnu do comment regarding my problem mentioned above(starting with, ""actually the same steps i had followed b4"")
    i will be thankfull to you.

    i visit this page daily, but i get no answers regarding my problem.

  38. Thank You Very Much Sir... :-)

  39. I have rooted the device but unable to perform the task to install super user. When I select recovery it does not give me option to install from SD card. Can you help?

  40. Adding to above post. After selecting Recovery it just gives me an icon of mobile with a red triangle on top right and does nothing else.. Please helpe

  41. May i know why am i not getting any reply regarding my problem. plz i am daily visiting this blog but yet not getting any reply.
    plz plZ plz i am pissed of my internal memory issue plz help me.

  42. !!!Link2SD Issue!!!

    i don't exactly know why you cant make Link2sd work. Did you try it out with different partitions ( ext2/3 instead of Fat32). try it and check whether it works.

    if that doesn't work flash a kernel that supports ext2,3. partitions for htc explorer.

    first try different partitions,

    are you on any custom kernels?/ ROM?

  43. @ Immu,

    are you talking about snap shots??

    to make a snapshot, just follow the steps; the app/ picture/ any thing which you want to make a snap
    2. press Power button+Home button and it will save a snap of your screen on to images.

  44. !!!!Link2SD!!! issue

    sorry for being late to respond, i was having exams and today only i reached home. My apologies.

    here's a way to partition your device using recovery.

    follow these steps

    remove Link2SD

    1. Boot into recovery
    2. go to advanced
    3. go to partition sd card
    4. select partition size ( choose 1GB)
    5. select 0M in next option
    6. get back to recovery
    7. go to mounts and storage
    8. select mount/sd-ext
    9. go back and reboot

    after that install link2SD, choose partition type as ext2, and reboot your phone

    reply if this worked

  45. !!! Red MEssage Icon issue !!!

    It will be a lot easier if you say your name, as there are lots of comments with anonymous tag having issues.

    i dont fully understand you!,

    how did you root your device without installing super


    1. did you unlock the bootloader
    2. did you add the recovery, as only if you add the recovery you can enter recovery mode. as far i think you haven't yet done the step.-" Add recovery"

    am i correct??

  46. @nakul

    In the recovery mode, is it showing " UNLOCKED" in the top in a pink color highlight.

    or is it saying "" LOCKED"" ?????????

  47. o ya Grt... it works yaar... TenkQ ... tenkz a lot Vishnu..... :-)

  48. n I have a problem regarding the fonts which m installing it doesn't work can u please help me out for this also.... please.... :-(

  49. @ immu,

    use some font installer app for Root users- if you have rooted your device

    i heard about a Font Installer By JRummy ( heard lots of praises and curses about it)

  50. hey can anyone tell me the side effects or demerits of rooting my htc explorer....
    please help

  51. also can i deroot it again

  52. Yes, you can unroot htc explorer. if you want i can show you how.

  53. The main demerit of rooting is that you will lose any warranty you have on the device.

    minority of people have suffered wifi issues, but working fine with me and many others who have rooted.

    other than that no other issues are known for a310e

  54. yeah Vishnu is it ok if we root the HTC explorer....

  55. Dear Immu,

    i won't compel you, but if you have warranty, be aware that once rooted you will lose that. Indeed thats the biggest demerit of rooting. But warranty can be regained if you unroot it.

    But if you already past warranty, you can try to root it, as you can do a variety of task you can never dream of in stock phone.

    the choice is yours to make.....

  56. hey vishnu i have rooted my htc explorer but when i open link2sd it shows ext2,ext3,ext4 and fat32/fat16 as i partitioned my sd card and i choose fat32/fat16 then it shows this--

    Root Access Warning:
    Link2sd could not obtain root access.
    If you have root access make sure respond 'Allow'
    or 'Grant' to the superuser request.

    i have also installed the superuser app but cant figure out the problem..
    help asap!!

  57. @ Abhishek,

    As you have successfully rooted your HTC explorer, this seems to be some other issue.

    uninstall Link2sd and then reinstall and try again.

  58. Here is a tutorial for How to use Link2sd on HTC pico;

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  60. Here is the post on how to unroot HTC explorer a310e

  61. I have rooted my Explorer successfully without any problem!
    All credits goes to Vishnu.. Thanks a lot buddy... I was really fed up with this problem...
    Thanks again...

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. when i click on SDK manager it show
    In virtual device it shows under window
    1) a virtual android device which is marked right
    2 a repairable android virtual device
    3) an android virtual device that load to failed...check details for error..
    and window comes with close option...i close

    my sdk is r9 it gone with that
    is it ok....then further..i done according to your last after submit it show....failed

    Please help.

    one more thing i want to share with u. i try to sell this mobile on olx..i m getting Rs 5500
    is it ok price...i had used for 1 year with no single sctrach, well maintained, unrepairable..still working like new.

    what should i do....what u say

  64. All is good in this mobile.....only the problem is internal memory.
    how much space we can make after rooting.
    by uninstall
    This are the applicaiont i dont use

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. @Dipesh- Download the latest working SDK from the following link

    And after removing apps like NDTV, ASPHALT, UNO, CRICKET, BOLLYWOOD HUNGAMA, SAAVN, PRO CRICKET, FRIEND STREAM and EBUDDY XMS, you'll get about 90MB of free internal memory.

  68. hi... faizan ansari
    do you root ur htc it works..many them of complaining about wifi problem..what abt yours experience

  69. hi vishnu,

    1)Pressing power button to fastboot as we have 3 android menu on screen than after connecting usb cable how do we go back and connect htc sync.

    2)Can I download and save the SUPERUSER file in sd card by using card reader before unlocking bootloader or it should be save in sd card after unlocking bootloader.... If after than how to go back save superuser file as we have android menu on screen.

    Pls Help

  70. @Dipesh- yes I have rooted my HTC Explorer successfully without any problem and I have not any complaint about Wifi or anything else. Its working even faster than before coz of free internal memory.

  71. I didn't suffer from any wifi issues. The device is working pretty good. With link2sd , enjoying lot more apps on a310e

  72. hi vishnu,
    you didn't reply to my above 2 problem which is mention above on 31 may 2013 22:39
    Please reply....waiting

  73. hey vishnu
    how to sync htc explorer after connecting usb cable. It show option like
    charge only
    disk drive
    htc syn
    what to select and tap done. when i select disk drive my pc dont show any of my phone data or any of my audio video file after connecting usb cable...pls help

  74. whn i select disk drive my phone get disconnected...

    actually i not using the usb cable which htc provide with there handset...i m using data cable of Micromac A110 is it ok.

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  76. @Dipesh,

    you should possess company usb cable, but might work with other also, never tried!

  77. @Dipesh,

    u can download the file to your sd any time before rooting. it doesn't matter

  78. hiiiiiiiii vishnu,
    Error shows while unlocking bootloader as below

    Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length.
    Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won't work.

  79. where is recovery.bat file

    when i pressed power+volume down it show
    Factory Reset

    i select and Fastboot and press power according instruction...something process go on and again come to the same screen
    Factory Reset

    what to do?

    Pls also reply my above proble about..unlocking bootloader...pls pls pls

  80. Dipesh, This is what you have to do:
    First, download the recovery zip provided. Extract it to any folder. Put your mobile in fastboot mode and open the recovery.bat which will be present in the folder to which you extracted. This concludes the recovery step problem. The problem which you have with fastboot is not exactly a problem. That is the way it has to work :) Any other problems?

  81. @Dipesh The error about Token length is appearing because you aren't marking properly don't mark any area other than the token. I had the same problem because i had selected some free space by the side of the token code :) Enjoy rooting!

  82. Do reply if it worked :)

  83. Dave
    thanks of replying ....i will try it

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  86. Hey .. im actually doing this root thing, and i dont know what's next .. T_T i think i did a mistake. pls help me ..

  87. @ Real Grey

    what all steps have you did???

    what exactly is the problem.??

  88. i had done all the unlock bootloader process..
    when i press power- volume down it shows UNLOCKED
    in pink colour right on above first.
    Did i success in unlocking bootloader?

    from where i can install compatible .zip ROM or per ur instructions

    I had not got the option "install .zip from SD
    in my recovery i save superuser file in sd card.
    please help vishnu.

  89. In Htc sync manage there are four option right above...
    Music Gallery Files More
    Music and Gallery is active
    Files and More are inactive

    how can i manage files for my phone help..

  90. please vishnu reply my both problem.....

  91. Thanks a lot... Vishnu

    I had rooted my phone superuser file appear on my all apps screen...
    which is in gray colour...I downloaded Root Checker apps and check wheather it rooted or not....its shows Congratulation your device has been roooted successfully..
    Now plese help to uninstall preloaded apps for the device...

  92. @ Dipesh,

    you have sucessfully unlocked Bootloader.
    can you see fastboot on it???

    seeing the Unlocked Sign on top of the screen in pink color indicates that its unlocked..

    did you complete recovery installation step....
    if you did that continue rooting steps.

    for all HTC sync related issues check---( Fully for HTC Explorer)

  93. hey Vishnu,
    Thanks very much....I rooted my phone successfully...and also install link2sd and uninstalled the prelaoded apps which i wont need.
    Now please explain or make the tutotrial how to make partition..

  94. Hey Vishnu.......I Partition my phone using Link2Sd. I have 8gb Memory Card
    I got five part in storage info....(8gb sd)

    SD Card
    SD Card 2nd part
    Do I have to Delete Cache part by going into recovey mode..Pls help

  95. Thanks...
    i have done it successfully but ensure one thing that the ROM u r installing must have good enough..
    my HTC Explorer is working well

  96. hey,
    can you please help me out with rooting?
    as you said i have downloaded all the files. but when run recovery.bat,it is showing an error.
    please help me out of this.

  97. hello .... this is the 1st time i am rooting my device .... and m stuck in the beginning ...
    when i copy paste the Token in the TOken feild .. I am getting this error ...

    We're sorry, but it appears your attempt to unlock the bootloader on this device has failed. This could be caused by several factors including simple errors in the entry of the unlock token, problems with your device, or a lack of manufacturer support for the unlocking process. Please see the specific error code listed below, and try again if necessary.
    Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length.
    Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won't work.

    any idea where i hv gone wrong ... :(

  98. hiiiiiiiiiiii vishnu my i was rooted my device succesfully and was enjoying...suddenly my superuer was not responding and was asking ot force close- tell htc...
    wht to do...pls help..

  99. cant install superuser.
    i unlocked it.but i cant install that in recovery mode.when i go to recovery mode it shows a caution symbol.
    what i have to de.pls help me

  100. when i go into recovery mode then my phone shut down plzz help....

  101. I did follow these steps correct your advice. But I mistook because my phone not turning on PLZZ Help!!!!!!!!!

  102. Can I increase my internal memory of my htc pleaseeee

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Hey admin...can I know dat is rooting my htc explorer is gud

  105. I can not un lock my bootloder plez help me

  106. hi vishnu i have problem with unlocking bootloader

    The problem is after entering the code "fastboot oem get_identifier_token" in the command prompt it is displaying message as "< waiting for device >" please help me how to come over this problem

  107. Hi Vishnu,
    On my second try, I got it! Thanks for replying to all our comments, it's very helpful.
    Now I will try downloading the free2SD app and make extra space on the phone :)

    Also, I have a a310b model, bought in Australia. I can confirm that the a310e recovery file does work. My explorer a310b was rooted by doing this process.

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. If you don't mind, I can also give some feedback on your instructions because I got confused on the first try.
    First, it would be great to distinguish between connecting the phone to the PC via USB mode(for normal, everyday use) and Recovery mode(by pressing VOL down and POWER, for the behind-the-scenes stuff).

    Second, when unlocking the bootloader in
    After completing Step 13, do not complete step 14 until you have tried running the recovery.bat !
    If you do, you'll probably get a < waiting for device > message and the cmd window will hang without receiving any typed commands. OR you will get a
    FAILED < remote signature verify fail >
    So, before you run recovery.bat put the phone in fastboot mode, and you should see ***UNLOCKED*** at the top of the phone's screen.
    You can go back and do Step 14 to relock the bootloader later.
    When you have relocked the bootloader, you should see ***RELOCKED*** at the top of the screen.
    It seems obvious now, but I blindly did that because your instructions were to 'follow the steps'. I am a noob, but I think there's lots of people like me. :/ Thanks for all your help! :D

  110. @ Aphroid,

    Thank you for your great feedback. Nice knowing that this method will surely work for a310b.

    Keep visiting...

    Once again thank you....

  111. Really Thanks For this easy method

  112. cant install superuser.
    i unlocked it.but i cant install that in recovery mode.when i go to recovery mode it shows a caution symbol.
    what i have to de.pls help me


  113. C:\Users\Ajay\Desktop\A310E Recovery>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    sending 'recovery' (4728 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.861s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    OKAY [ 1.546s]
    finished. total time: 2.407s

    C:\Users\Ajay\Desktop\A310E Recovery>pause
    Press any key to continue . .

    admin wat can i do next.............

  114. i installed the zip folder from recovery mode
    after that it showed your phone is rooted
    and then i restarted it
    i felt no changes in the phone
    what should i do next

  115. My phone is rooted now..its working more faster than previous thanks a lot Vishnu.Your steps are very easy and helpful.
    What else I can do now, I mean change themes etc ?

  116. sir if u dont mind can u help me through teamviewer

  117. please help me... i installed htc sync but my htc explorer does not recoganize htc sync on my pc. how do i fix it?

  118. Pl. also write a article on unlocking bootloader of htc explorer. Really need it. Can't understand on 'htcdev' that which steps are necessary.Thanks.

  119. how to unlock bootloder i will try many times......
    pls halp me.....

  120. Plzzz write the rooting steps in easy language .......n the places frm whr we have to unblock or download in easy way and simple plzzzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz

  121. Plzzz write the rooting steps in easy language .......n the places frm whr we have to unblock or download in easy way and simple plzzzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz

  122. hey, i done everything until the recovery. the phone even says, 'your phone are now rooted'.
    but when asked to reboot, my phone just show/stuck/ freeze at the htc logo. its been an hour now.
    help me. what should i do now?

  123. whether partition of sd card required before rooting?

  124. hy. i cant instal zip folder in the recovery menu, why??? it wouldn't go into the recovery menu. why??

  125. Hi Vishnu,

    I'm Dinesh;

    I am trying to root my HTC Explorer, but my HTC SYNC is not detecting my phone. I tried all possibilities. Can i use MyPhoneExplorer application as an alternative for HTC SYNC??

  126. Hey Vishnu,

    If I open android-SDK app it shows .bat file missing. what to do ??

  127. Hey Vishnu,
    I have successfully rooted my phone but Superuser shows that yur binary (su) is outdated n tell to update. and link2sd is not able to move apps it shows that u don't have root access ....if u have root access then allow superuser to grant permission now what to do ??

  128. Hey when I go to recovery mode it goes blank n phone again phones bootloader is unlocked. What is the problem? But when I restart rechecker shows that yur phone is rooted but superuser wasn't installed what might be the problem?

  129. Hello Vishnu!! Where we are going to use HTC sync. for Bootloader unlock???

  130. hi vishnu n ol xperts.,
    broh., itz 1st tym fo me as well.,
    hav juz decided to root my htc explorer(a310e)
    bt since itz my 1st tym wen m goin to tackle wid n OS of n android,., so itz lyk bit scary fo me!
    i aint a techno freak bt though hv least knwledge abt rooting ny android!
    so juz need ur guidance over dis.,
    hav few qstns botherin me., lyk
    -does rooting directly deletes ol pre-installed apps or does it simply provides da phone n efficiency to move pre installed apps to SD card?!
    -after rooting wot actual changes(loss/gain) da phone goes through(regarding itz data, wifi, other settings)?!
    -if smthing go wrng during rooting,.lyk if u accidently miss ny step nd proceed wid da next den wil it really get impossible to revert ol/ny changes?!
    -and finaly~ is it realy safe enough to opt for.,?!
    dnt v hav ny alternate for rooting?!

    plzz gimme sm detailed view over my doubts., nd a much detailed step wise instruction over rooting, if possible!!

    srry if m sounding nerd., bt being a novice over dis., i cn't sound better., ;(

    Expectin responce,

  131. there is no optiom named install from sd card in the recovery menu and when i enter in recovery menu there occures a caution sign with a phone and no text

  132. can u help me with that?

  133. hey vishnu
    i cannot do d last step that is to install superuser when i try i says no md5 file or something please help

  134. hey i had prblm.....can any one help me

  135. Mr. Vishnu,
    Is there any difference between "CWM recovery" and simply "Recovery"(As per your tutorial you have mentioned "")

  136. Hello everyone; Last night I finished the unlocking process by following steps given on the official website of HTC. Later I came to this blog and followed instructions to root the unlocked device and installed Superuser zip file to device as said. But still I am not able to uninstall any preinstalled apps / games. Also I did not notice any change in my device with regard to factory reset. The device just functions fine as before and all my email accounts, phonebook entries, photographs and personalized settings (wallpaper etc.) are all still in same place. I am sure I saw the bootloader screen with 'unlocked' label at the top of it but doubt that there is something I still missed during the whole procedure, but do not know what is that. Does anyone have any clue or guide me on what to do next for a perfect root.
    Thanks in advance and regards,
    Sachin Bhatt.

  137. hi vishnu,
    this is vijay here, i want to root my HTC explorer with changing pico official rom. Is that possible.....
    Plz reply me as soon as possible

  138. sorry without changing pico rom

  139. hi,
    will you plz tell me from where i will get file abd.exe and another two files for unlock bootloader ?
    i have not sdk manager..
    for all htc phone this files are same or different for each phone?

  140. hello about can i add friends to my facebook in friend stream?

  141. i have unlockboot loader now what to do for root plz tell me in detail
    how to add recovery ? plz tell me for this step in detail

  142. @Paresh,

    you have to download recover zip file given in link to your PC. Extract the zip file into any place. The extracted file contains a "Recovery.bat" file.

    Now reboot your phone into fast boot mode.(after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously, . Select The fast boot option)

    Run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode (first option in the "3 android menu" ) and connected with USB cable to pc.

    The recovery addition process will start.

    what is the meaninig of (first option in the "3 android menu" ) in this suggetons ?
    In the fastboot mode of my phone i have to just run the recovery.bat file which is available at the folder where i have extract the file of recovery zip ?

  144. just enter fastboot ,connected with USB cable and run the recovery.bat file from PC

  145. i am facing problem in "install zip from SD card. its saying that no zip file found... what to do? plz reply

  146. when i run recovery.bat file in fastboot mode nothing happen in my cell just msg available press any key to continue and when i had prress nothing happen, i can't do this what is the problem ?

  147. when I am enter in bootloader mode at the top of the screen "unloacked....' this kind of line is present means i have sucessfully unlock the bootloader ?
    than why the problem is available during next step for root ?
    plase give proper solution...
    this kind of same problem also face riyas on this blog..

  148. in command prompt msailableg was available as below,
    c:\users\par\desktop\A310e recovery fastboot flash recover
    sending 'recovery' <4728 kb>...
    OKAY [ 0.887s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    OKAY [ 1.397s] time: 2.284s
    c:\users\par\desktop\A310e recovery>pause
    press any key to continue...

  149. This comment has been removed by the author.

  150. how to do with this error
    signature checking.....

  151. @paresh,

    You have unlocked bootloader.
    Continue with third step of rooting. everything is ok

  152. @vivek,
    did you extract the zip file while sending to sd card.
    Do not extract, just place it as .zip file and continue.

    reply about results,

  153. Thanks for suggestions but I am not able to go for the next step and I have mention the problem from which one I have faced during the Add recovery file so plz give the solution for it...

  154. Hi bro.. I have successfully rooted my phone by following ur tutorial...thanx a lot.... But now I'm facing a problem I have made few changes to my superuser folder in sd card(to install bbm for gingerbread as suggested by a website) ... Now I cannot install any other rom other than the default HTC rom... Whenever I try to flash some other Rom like flyrom my screen hangs at 'htc quietly brilliant" logo.... Then I have to remove my battery and flash da default HTC pico Rom... I'm unable to update my android version... Is dis due to changes made in superuser folder??

  155. I cnt select the fastboot dnw y? Plzzz help me

  156. hi vishnu i have problem with unlocking bootloader

    The problem is after entering the code "fastboot oem get_identifier_token" in the command prompt it is displaying message as "< waiting for device >" please help me how to come over this problem,,i really need your help...

  157. Hello vishnu, plz can u tell me another way of going into recovery volume down button is not working..plz!

  158. Great Blog buddy........i m very interested in mobiles and in rooting then...irooted my HTC explorer a long u know any nice roms for HTC explorer....Please share..Here is my blog on texh stuff..

  159. dear when i m trying to download the superuser file i m recieving this massage
    ("Sorry, this file is infected with a virus
    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.") can anyone send the new link. thanks

    please send as soon as possible

  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. Dear sir, I read all the comments and procedure, can u mail me all step by step procedure on my mail I'd, it would be so nice of you, pls pls pls
    My id is.

    Thanks and regards

  162. I own a htc explorer..I have rooted my phone using the file...after rooting and reebooting the default music player is not working.........
    .............helps plz.....Thank you in advance..........

  163. hey i cannot unlock bootloader plz help me to do so

  164. @akash vasudevan,

    here is the htc music app, Remove the current app and install it.


    please remember to rename odex.apk file to just .odex

    courtesy xda

  165. @Akash,

    Also forgot to mention one more thing,

    You need to put them both in /system/app/

    okay. just comment for any more help...

  166. @Sushant,

    Just follow the instructions given on Htc site and you will be fine. It looks pretty tough but step by step it will be easier to try.

  167. i have relocked my htc to unlock it again.please help me my device is not waking after unrooting it.

  168. @ safir,
    try unlocking using the same code received from htc.

  169. Hi Vishnu..i have successfully completed Recovery step
    the Output were:
    sending 'recovery' (4728 KB)... OKAY
    writing 'recovery'... OKAY
    After that, i booted my phone -> Selected Recovery and pressed Power button.. then the phone gets restarted...not sure what is the issue.. please help me..

  170. Adding few things to above comment am trying through Linux, tried with connecting and disconnecting USB cable to PC...

  171. After the recovery process, you have to boot into recovery ( vol Down+power up)

    Next navigate to "Install zip from SD card" and choose the " " file. Did you do as this after recovery process.?

  172. Hey Vishnu, it resolved, did a small mistake....i didnt rebooted bootloader.
    Once i did it.. it entered to the recovery menu...rooted successfully :)
    Thanks a Lot :)

  173. hi sir,
    i have just unlocked bootloader of htc explore and try to root but i can't, when i have made factory restart it stucked to htc logo now what to do repair it?
    i cant open my recovery mode so i can't install any rom in it.
    plz give me any solution for it

  174. hello vishnu, I want to root my htc explorer, can you please send me a revised and detailed method after reading all the issued mentioned by others, I don't want to brick my phone so I'm quite hesitating to root my phone, I hope you will help me, my email id is thank you

  175. Hi Vishnu, It is nice tutorial, I'm trying to root my 2 years old htc a310e, but unfortunately facing same issue which few others have already mentioned there. I have gone through all the comments but unable to find out exact sol.
    Here is my issue in details
    1.when I run recovery.bat cmd shows
    C:\A310E Recovery>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img sending 'recovery' (4728 KB)... OKAY [ 0.926s] writing 'recovery'... (bootloader) signature checking... FAILED (remote: signature verify fail) finished. total time: 1.513s

    C:\A310E Recovery>pause Press any key to continue . . .
    2. If I proceed further then in last step when I have to go in recovery mode only device image is shown followd with red caution sign.

    You must have sorted this issue. Please reply me with where I went wrong.

  176. Here is my mail I'd you can mail me step by step tutorial or any video on this.

  177. Hey Vishnu, I'm waiting for your kind suggestion. Plz help me on this.

  178. This comment has been removed by the author.

  179. @Kiran,

    hey, is it a red triangle with an exclamation mark??

    when that sign is shown ,try pressing vol up and power button.

  180. Hey Hi Vishnu, I want to know that after rooting my pico will I be able to factory reset my device safely?

  181. @Anmol Varshey,

    If you are trying to perform factory reset on the stock rom which has been rooted, most certainly you will end up with bootloops.

    If you are actually trying to install a custom rom, then install it and later you can do factory reset from recovery.

    1. So after rooting I should not factory reset my device?

      And can pls link some good custom roms and procedure to install it

  182. i am facing problem while typing in cmd. it does not show any list while i type fastboot oem get_identifier_token.


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