Custom Boot Animations For All Devices-Work In Progress [ Root Lord ]

Custom Boot Animations For All Devices-Root Lord Exclusive

I have Added few custom boot animations. Work is in progress. More animations will be added on coming days. Feel free to comment on any bugs. 

How to install Boot Animation; link-- Instructions

  • Make Sure you do a backup using CWM or any other before trying each and everyone of these
  • Download the file, if its name is different, rename it. make sure to use fully small letters. linux is case sensitive.
  • Important: check the md5 hash value of original file and the one you have downloaded, to know whether it is completely downloaded. If they are different, do not use it. It will cause boot-loop issues. Use WinMD5 Free to verify-Link

QVGA Devices: 240x320 Resolution

1. ATI Radeon Logo Animation


2. Apple Logo Animation

Note: this preview is not cropped, but actual image is, so it  will look more beautiful than this.

3.nVidia Eye




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