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Boot Animations For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Best Boot Animations Available For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Have you ever been tired of seeing the old boot animation of your galaxy y. If you are rooted, then you can enjoy a variety of cool boot animations. Here i have provided a list of Boot animation that you can try with your Gt-S5360. I didn't include any animations that need to be flashed in order to work. So it will be easy to try out.


  • Rooting Voids warranty. Do this at your own risk.
  • Back up all your data before proceeding with any of the methods listed here.



  • Root your Galaxy Y -- Link
  • Download Android File manager with Root access -- Try Root Browser


Steps to Add Your Boot Animation:

  • Download the required boot animation. I have provided a list below the instructions.
  • Make sure that the file is named as . if it is any other name , please rename it as given.
  • Now you have to open Root Browser and navigate to /system/media . Now locate your original boot animation file which will be named as "". 
  • Long press the file ,choose Rename ,then rename it to "".
  • Now copy the custom "" to /system/media and paste it. Long press the file and choose "permissions". Choose rw-r-r--

  • There you go, you have successfully changed your boot animation. To revert back to stock animation, just delete current zip and rename "" to ""

Note: You can also use Boot animations root app to install them easily. Rename the file to "" and backup stock animation before installing.

Boot Animations for Galaxy Y:

  1. Assassin's Oath
  2. Animus Loading
  3. Assassin's Creed Logo+Nexus Animation 
  4. Abstergo Industries
  5. Animus Memory Loading 
  6. Matrix Rain1    Matrix rain 2 
  7. Droid Umbrella 
  8. Galaxy SII 
  9. String Energy 
  10. GDBoot 
  11. DroidXX 
  12. Boot EVO 
  13. Blue Logo 
  14. Honeycomb Boot 
  15. Transformers boot 
  16. Reactors 
  17. Superman logo 
  18. Energy-BIOS PC 
  19. Alienware 
  20. Scribble 
  21. Andro Running 
  22. Bubbles Underwater 
  23. ICSNexusHD 
  24. Cyborggeneration 
  25. HLnewboot 
  26. supergreenboot 
  27. Pee is in apple 
  28. Android slice apple  
  29. MIUI-HIve
  30. Android particles 
  31. Flying Jinn 
  32. HTC sense white 
  33. CyanogenMod 7 
  34. BlackSkull 
  35. Apple hammered 
  36. Tale Of Pony
Thanks to xda members-deathviper,Evanlocked,Neeldroid
for any help, feel free to comment...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. few more boot animations below

  3. When i do it it says not succesful because some permissions cannot be granted... What is the problem wid my phone?

  4. @ Anirban

    is your phone rooted?

  5. Yes my phone is rooted with custom rom, CyanoCream4
    and the kernel is white xp.

  6. Now install gets completed but nothing happen during the boot animation.

  7. try changing the boot animation via direct method of copying into system folder. Make sure that you have backed up default boot animation

  8. i m using gt5282..
    so no zip file in /system/media.

    plz help me to change boot animations.

    1. do you have boot animatin while booting?
      Does it skip the animation part?

  9. I did'nt find amy in system/media in max. samsung devices but it starts wid animation logo

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  13. there is no file in my media folder .if i copy and past any bootanimation file its show low space avilable...
    i m using samsung gallaxy y s5630

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