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Amazing Android Games You Should Try-Part 1

Amazing Android Games You Should Try-Part 1

This time we will see some amazing games that are available for your android device. Please note that they are arranged randomly and places aren’t significant. These games are tested on Android 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 using Nexus 7 2012.

#1. Hundreds

One amazing Puzzle game, yet incredibly simple in logic. As the name suggests, you have to increase the size of balls to reach the value of hundred.

Now you must be thinking, what’s so puzzling about a silly game in which I have to make hundreds? Don’t get any wrong ideas, the games will punish you. I have to admit that the first 10-15 levels are super easy. After that the pressure starts to build up. You could say that the game actually starts from that point. From their onwards, you just not require logic, but a really fast set of hands to carry out the brain’s calculations. It tests your solving skills and hand eye coordination. While the balls are enlarging the y turn red in color and you are allowed to make two balls into contact when at least of them is red.

The spinning pointy edged gears are the ones you should really worry about. There are certain levels in which group of balls are paired up so that you have to increase them both simultaneously and it gets tougher and tougher. Each level brings more hardships, and requires a greater tactical approach. It will surely kill a lot of time. There are a total of hundred playable levels giving importance to the name again

So go ahead and install Hundreds. It won’t hurt to give it a try.

Link: Playstore
Link: store2

#2. Strata

Another puzzle game to try on your android device. Definitely a time killer. The word strata means layer. In the game you are given different colored bands. There will be some colored squares inside a bigger square and you will be given some colored bands also which matches the colors of the squares. You have to lay the colored bands over each colored square from the directions they have given. The whole point of the game is to match the color of the squares and the band which lies over the topmost of all bands. If you placed any bands wrongly, no need to worry you can always reverse the move, but you will lose the Perfect Bonus. There are 6 levels with starting from 2x2 squares to 6x6 which makes your brain stress a lot.

Certainly a great game, really worth a try.

Link:Playstore full

#3. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Yes folks, it’s the Minecraft. Well there isn’t any need to explain how the game works as I think everyone has the idea of Minecraft. A small beautiful game. The fancy blocky graphics are a treat to the eyes, and I didn’t notice the time passing by as I was so immersed in the gameplay. The world is your playground. Build your own way. Survive against the threats of nature. Do it all in Minecraft right now on your own android device. Everything looks exactly the same as it were on PC

There are two modes as in original -Creative and Survival

Creative mode: It lets you use unlimited resources and then build whatever you want without any life damage or monsters or anything. Use this mode to bring out the creative world within your mind. Build all you want, destroy as you like. It’s your world, your command.

Survival: Your resources are limited, you have to survive the wilderness, face hungry monsters and life damages. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body. Feel the heat of survival.

The controls are very comfortable, you will get more than 90% of the playability as the PC version using these controls and vibrations also give extra touch while playing in Android phones/tabs. You could multiplayer with your friends and it is really a whole lot of fun than single player. Survival as a team is really something else.

What are you waiting for, get your Minecraft now.

Link: Playstore
Link: free

#4: Impossible Lines

Impossible Lines is sort of a memory based games in which you have to move around invisible mazes which will be made visible for approximately 4 seconds before starting each level. So you get only that much time to memo rise the safe route. You aren’t supposed to touch the walls, if you did, then its game over. Restart the level and play again. You will get some help from the red glowing ball which grows and dwindles according when its near or away from the walls, also it makes beeping sound also. As always the initial few levels are child’s play. But as levels progress it gets harder and harder. It will a great test for your memory power.

Link: Playstore

#5: Cat Physics

An impressive puzzle game. Even though the idea is pretty old school, the presentation and physics involved in this game makes it so playable that surely you will spend a good amount of time on this game. Why? Because of the puzzling challenges itself. You have two cats, one with a candy, whom you have to use in order to throw that candy to the other cat. There are ads in this free version of the game. Guide the candy through obstacles using available methods in the game. It has a total of 100 levels to be played.

Link: Playstore

More cool games will be listed including root required ones.. Keep Visiting


  1. installed minecraft, its working fine. thanks for the link..

    can chainfire be used on all rooted devices?
    I really want to play some games

  2. Thanks for the links.

    Cat physics not working on my Ace.

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