Friday, 13 December 2013

MirrorOP Sender - Send your Mobile Screen To PC

Amazing Android App To Try - MirrorOP Sender

MirrorOP Sender


Truly a fancy name, but might be deceiving. This is one of the coolest apps out on market. MirrorOP can send your mobile screen to your laptop or PC. 

MirrorOP sender is an app that can mirror your android screen to a mirror receiver through wifi or USB. That’s not just it folks, there is even more to it. You can use the MirrorOP Receiver to control the Sender by Input devices like Keyboard/Mouse/Touchpads. You can use this app to record your screen without having to actually tamper with real screen which might get a little frustrating. Have the freedom you wanted. The Receiver is available for Windows and iOS. They even have Receiver apps for TVs and specific boxes too. 

The most amazing feature is that I was able to control my android screen via My PC. It was so cool. So I didnt have to touch my device screen, instead i could easily do the job using PC while keeping the device safely somewhere.
How to Setup MirrorOP :WIFI

1.Your Android device must be rooted first

2. Download and install MirrorOP sender from Playstore

3. Now go to this site and download MirrorOP Receiver App for Windows- and install it

4. Make sure your android device and Laptop/PC connect via same WIFI network.

5. Run the receiver application from your PC

6. Run the Sender Application from the Android Device.

7. Now it will start to search automatically for the Receiver and then you can easily start to mirror your android screen to your receiver.

How to setup MirrorOP : USB

1. This method is for those tablets / phones which support USB tethering

2. Open USB tethering function on your android device.

3. Required drivers will automatically be installed by the windows receiver.

4. Open the windows Receiver app, and then open Sender app on your android device. It will now automatically search for the receiver app.

It also supports rotation of your android screen, so go ahead a give MirrorOP sender a try. You are given a 5 minute trial. then you have to purchase license key via playstore.


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  3. Thanks for sharing this Vishnu. Sorry for the Anonymous post (and the earlier one with trial). Had a question about USB mirroring plz. When USB tethering, the pc will use my phone not only for mirroring, but for internet connection, which drains the battery even though it's charging via usb. It also slows down and heats up the phone. Any way of using USB for mirroring ONLY? and stop the pc from using the phone as a LAN connection to the internet? Thanks for your help.

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