Sunday, 22 December 2013

Hyperion 8 GM Final Build ROM For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

How To Install Hyperion 8 GM Final Build ROM On Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5630

Hyperion 8 is the fastest ROM out there for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-s5360.It has some exceptional features which makes it stand out. This theme is based on Gingerbread. Here are the features of the ROM.

  • Full Root Support-updated to latest SuperSU binary + SuperSU v1.65
  • BusyBox is pre-installed
  • Deodexed system apps for themeing
  • Apps are made to use optimum RAM thereby increasing speed drastically
  • supports init.d


  • Rooting Voids warranty. Do this at your own risk
  • Make sure to backup all data as flashing a custom rom will erase them.
  • have at least 70% charge remaining on your device before starting.
  • Do not try this for any device other than GT-s5360.

I have already written a post on installing JellyBlast. I have written instructions for Newbies to flashing a custom ROM and those who flashed Jellyblast.


  • Download this Temporary CWM--Link
  • Download Hyperion ROM package --Link1---Link2
  • Download RIL Fix--Link
Download these files and copy them to your SD card root.

Let's Begin:

For New Users:

  • Boot into Recovery-Press Vol up+ Home+ Power buttons simultaneously

  • In recovery navigate to "Install zip from SD card" option using volume keys. Select using Home button.

  • After that select the file you have already downloaded.

  • You will then see ClockWorkMod Recovery with texts in yellow color. In ClockWorkMod recovery choose "Mounts and Storage". 

  • Mount /system, /data, cache

  • Return using Power Button or back key

  • Now select "advanced and debugging". 

  • Select "wipe dalvik cache" and "wipe batterystats.bin"

  • Go back and then select "wipe data/factory reset"

  • Choose "Wipe Cache" 

  • Now select " install zip from SD card"

  • Select "choose zip from SD card"  

  • Select already downloaded.

  • After that go to "mounts and storage" . Mount /system, /data, cache.

  • Select "install zip from sd card"

  • Select "choose zip from sd card"

  • Select RIL Fix package (

  • Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.

  • After that, reboot your phone.
You have successfully Installed Hyperion 8 GM Final Build on Your Galaxy Y.

For Jellyblast Users:

Those who have already flashed some other ROMS like jellyblast , should Wipe everything before flashing Hyperion 8. 

Use the RIL Fix if you have IMEI issues. (IMEI Missing or no network reception issues)

But any way, its safer if you flashed stock ROM , then flash Hyperion.

There you go. You have installed a smooth and incredibly Fast Hyperion ROM for your Galaxy Y.


  1. i currently use jellyblast , is it okay to flash hyperion?

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