Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Increase Internal Memory On HTC Explorer A310E Pico [ Link2SD ]

How To Increase Your HTC Pico's Internal Memory Using Link2SD

HTC explorer is super star in the android budget range. Loved equally by users and developers. I am not lying , see for yourself- almost all Cyanogen-mods ,scripts, kernels and lots more support Pico. Isn't it proof for its unmatched popularity.

Even with all these features, the greatest drawback is its lack in internal memory. Almost every user have complained about the dreaded low internal memory issue. Hopefully by the help of some awesome developers we managed to get a solution.

 A simple method to increase your pico's internal memory is explained here.  We use link2sd  ( an android app available for free in playstore) to do the process.

What is Link2SD?

 Link2SD uses the second partition of your SD card to use it as an additional segment of internal memory.


  • Phone Must Be Rooted . Check:- How To Root HTC Explorer Pico
  • Remove App2SD if you have it installed
  • Move Apps From SD To internal to link afterwards
  • Install Link2SD, no need to run it.
  • No Need to format your SD card, just have atleast 1 GB free space. 
  • Stock ROM Supports FAT32 as primary. Those with kernal update having ext2,ext3 .. can use it also.


Let's Begin:

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard From Internet.
  •  Run Minitool Partition Wizard
  •  Plug in your SD card using Card Reader ( USB Mounting is not trustworthy). You can view your SD card from Minitool partition ( try to reload if not present)

  • Next right click on your SD card. From the pop up menu select " Move/Resize". It will bring you to a new section.

  • Now move the memory slider to get min 512MB to 1024MB on " Unallocated Space", as shown in figure. I have created 1026.66 MB unallocated space. If you have a bigger SD card of 4-8-16-32 GB sizes, better go for 1-4 GB space. i was using a class 4 memory card ( 2GB ) for demonstration. Finally press OK

  • Now you have to create a new partition on your unallocated space. For that right click on the new space and select" Create". (Right Click>>Create). It will show a pop-up message, just ignore it and press "Yes".  ( It just shows that after you partition on the primary can be seen on Windows. You can view it on MiniTool)

  • This will lead you to new window , where you have to partition your newly created space. Select a name for your drive, Choose "Create As"- Primary, then select "File System"- FAT32. Leave "Cluster Size"- Default.  Finally Press OK.

  • Then press " Apply " on Top Left Corner. It will give a warning, press OK and continue.

  • It will take Some Time to create and resize partition. Wait till it finishes.

  • You have successfully created the secondary partition for Link2SD. Reboot your device and follow the next processes on HTC Explorer.

Now Lets Head over to Link2SD


  • Open Link2SD on your a310e, you will be welcomed with a screen like this. Now Select" FAT32 "
  • Next you will encounter a SuperUser Request. Press Allow button on the screen.

  • Now you will get a message showing that mount script have been successfully created on your SD card. You need to restart your device. Press OK at the menu.

  • Now you will recieve the old Power options. Choose Restart. Once restarted open Link2SD and click the Menu button and go to "Storage Info". You can see your Internal memory, and the two SD partitions.

  •  Now use Multi Select and select all the app to transfer. You can Select the Apps one by one also.

  • Once you have selected all the required apps press "Actions" button. It Will Give You a new window with the following options as in figure. Select " Create Link"

  •  Next you will recieve a " Create Link? " Window. Tick all the three options and press OK.

  • Once done you can see the selected apps have been linked to your SD card ( see an orange colored text on top of the app). Next Reboot Your Phone.

  • After Rebooting you have to configure your Link2SD settings. Go to Settings by pressing the menu button and configure how you would like Link2SD to work. 

There You go! You have successfully installed and configured Link2SD to increase  your internal memory. ( Enable Auto link).

Feel Free To Comment.


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  2. Finally my big problem has solved! Thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks for trying this Faizan. Its a great way to solve memory issue on explorer. It was a menace --" Low memory" warning. Finally its over.

    glad i could help.....
    keep visiting.

  4. Admin plz tell me It iz safe..???
    I mean after completing these steps my htc explorer will work same as it is.. i mean i wont face problems like hang and slow processing etc etc...
    plz guide me ...:)

  5. Thanks man.....
    Very helpful :+)

  6. admin i want to know how to make drop down page as yourd

  7. i followed the same procedure.. but internal memory is shown to be 77Mib... but i had made a 2Gib partition! i dont know if it is working or not... can you please tell me how to check if its working or not!

  8. Hello Admin! Thanks a lot! I made 4000 mb as the 2nd partition size. The storage info from link2sd says used only 188 mb and free 8.58 GB. All my apps are linked and have been moved to SD card.....still I am having only about 15mb space of Internal memory and the 'Internal Storage is Low' notification is popping up. Could you please help?

  9. @ Ambuj & Srinjoy,

    can you install memory hungry apps on your phone?? Try that out.

    if cant install, check whether Auto links is enabled in Link2SD

  10. @ Asad,

    these steps wont affect your phone anyway. But backup all data on your SD card. It may get erased during the process.

    i am not responsible for any wrong happenings.

    this methods are tested and working finely.

  11. hi i m using htc explorer...i hav done all d process but finally secondary partition s not coming...while opening d link 2 sd secondary mmy s disabling..plz suggest me an idea...

  12. when i opened link2sd app in my phone i didnt get any kind of dilog box of selecting the fat 3..plz suggest me my mail id s srivish92@gmail.com

  13. Will it b better if I'll give my htc explorer to HTC center to fix the memory problem...?

    1. They cant help you there friend...

  14. I get a message that mount script cannot be created invalid argument....what should I do

  15. @ Sanju,

    HTC wont be able to help you fix the low memory issue as the amount of memory the device has is pre determined and set. They cant alter it.

    they might remove some apps and regain some meor. Thats all...

  16. @Admin
    Can I make it with USB cable?
    Will there be any problem with USB cable?

  17. Great yrr thanks my htc pico gets 4 gb internal space......

  18. No Internal Memory Increased by this way

  19. No Internal Memory Increased by this way.
    I do all steps, still my phone showed me Internal storage is low.Anybody please help me.?HTC explorer

  20. thanks for your post.. i now have 1GB of free memory space! indeed, "low memory" warning is finally over =D

  21. i done all the steps correctly,,,but in final my apps not creating a link on 2nd sdcard(FAT32),,,,its showing insufficient memory but we having 1.5gb available space(FAT32),,,pls help me

  22. Can I knw that rooting my htc Is gud..??
    Sum1 plz help...

  23. i increased my ram.phone worked properly,after one month i pressed "factory reset".now my phone hangs at HTC Logo.what should i do now?
    need help??

  24. This method is awesome i just have 1 GB internal memory thanks for telling us the method you explained very well. Thanks again

    1. Thank you for trying this and glad to hear that it worked........

  25. Please can you tell me that how can i increase the internal memory of "Samsung Galaxy S Mini" my brother have it and he also facing internal memory problem.

  26. please tell me what shoul i do. i have done this process on my htc stock rom and works great for me and then i flash a custom rom then i install link2sd same process but there is an erro mount sript error, unmount ext/sd
    please give me a way to fix this problem
    sorry for my bad english,my email is qadar57@gmail.com

  27. Thanks A ton vishnu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so relieved right now... To everyone who wants to do this.. If u follow the steps exactly , you will have no problem at all. THE END... Thanks again!!!

  28. hey i have partitioned my sd card with 2.5 and 4.8 gb space but my external storage in storage in my explorer is showing 2.8 gb only...can u tell me wat's the problem and what to do???

  29. If I am creating a partition for 1gb and I want to make changes in future as 2 gb can I do it. Is it possible to do that? Pleas help

  30. owsome its work thanks

  31. Really Awesome admin........ Its lengthy process but very helpfull Love u Lot

  32. Hi, I rooted my htc explorer using the method specified above. But when I open link2sd, it shows an error the link2sd has not yet got root access from superuser. What should i do to move my apps to the partition i created???

  33. @ ramandeep,

    try root checker app from playstore and verify whether it is rooted successfully.

    comment your findings

  34. @fayaz,

    you may have to format the partition again/extend it

  35. waaooow.. wah wah waah wah.. thanx a lot admin.. tere wajah se mera ek chutia dost suicide karte karte bach gya.. that's it

  36. once again man..
    THE BEST..

  37. what are the disadvantages of this?

  38. Is it necassary tha explorer should be rooted?

  39. You must gain root access to do these steps

  40. hey bro but still my internal memory shows 53mb Free

  41. so i have tried this and it still wont let me view pictures or listen to music... just keeps taking me to low storage wizard, where there is nothing to move and also nothing to delete. i have 2 apps and thats it.... what do i do now?

  42. Hey Vishnu. Akshay here... I rooted my explorer as per ur tutorial and proceeded to increase the internal mem...I partitioned a class4 Sandisk card acc to the above instructions... But, when i run link2SD,and select fat32/fat16 and press ok to restart the phone, it says Fail, not permitted. What do I do?

  43. it may be a stupid question... but i want 2 know... does the partitioned internal memory stay in the device even after removing the sd card..? rsvp

  44. Hello Admin I am Sumit..

    As u said I done all things.. But only problem occures when I create new disk from minitool partition only 1 partition is created. Another partition is look like " *: ".
    And there is no use of drive letter changing or volume lable changing and is not accessible from anywhere not from phone or pc..

    Please Help..

  45. can i do this method in samsung galaxy ace

  46. @ Shadu,

    This method of using Link2sd is almost universal. There is more than 80% chance that the method will work.

    If doing, backup all your data..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. i didnt get the superuser request

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hi vishnu Nanadan,
    Whatif we replaces the sdcard that we used for partitioning and increasing internal memory. If I remove the one and replace with a new sdcard will it again give the "internal memory low" problem

  50. it is done but app are not moved.

  51. I've rooted my Pico as per your instructions. Its successful. Now I've done this too, but still I'm getting LOW MEMORY warning. Can you plss suggest what to do??????

  52. i compete all steps in pc and then try on mobile step but it found that not found sd card in mobile, this card saw in pc with help of cardreader. but not saw in mobile, pls say me what i do?

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I have done all the steps and its working thanks dude ....check my blog "http://windowgear.blogspot.in/"

  55. I have error message while carrying on 5 step i.e during 'unallocating space after' i then gave create i got an error message saying that minitool partition wizard cannot create a new partition.. before this i have not created partition.. so kindly help me

  56. hey Man ur a genious. i m following u for like 6 months i am a big fan of urs :-)
    i was using link2sd for like 4months, yesterday i tried to install android 4.0.4 . and successfully done thanks to u. u can see the images



    i download link2sd and run but it says "Root Access Warning". see the image:


    the superuser.zip is still in my memory card. so i decided to install it again. successfully installed. my phone is rooted again. but this time super user is gone. i installed superuser 1 more time but it woun't show in my aaps.
    the android 4.0.4 is a big software took 125mb internal memory and now i have only 25mb left. what should i do, PLzzzzzz Help me.

  57. Hi Vishnu nandhan,
    First of all I like to thank u for this good article. I followed these steps as u instructed. It works fine. But I installed ice rom in my HTC explorer, then here comes the problem. In link2sd, the 2nd partition is not mounted. When I am creating link,it shows mountsript not created. So please give some suggestion this problem

  58. Hello Admin! Thanks a lot! i 've 16 gb sd card , I made 7 gb as the 2nd partition size. The storage info from link2sd says used only 185 and free 6.9 GB. All my apps are linked and have been moved to SD card.....still I am having only about 15mb space of Internal memory and the 'Internal Storage is Low' notification is popping up. Could you please help.

    my gtalk : mughaldesign@gmail.com

  59. thanx buddy thanx a lot finaly got success in rooting..........!! No problem occurs rooted succesfully.............!!

  60. Flashed the jb ROM that you have up on the other page, Thank!
    But now that i have cyanogenmod 10, whenever i partition, the phone says SD Card damaged. Reform? and then goes ahead to format it and the whole card ends u in one piece and partiioning is lost. Any suggesions?

  61. Completed all the steps. applications moves to the second partition, but it is not displaying this partition in Phone's settings. and if i download a new app, it is downloaded in the phones 150MB internal memory. (Second partition is already linked)

  62. Bro after 1st step i was open the link2sd it shows the menu when i clicked on FAT32 it said that if you have root access then allow it... how can i allow root access??

  63. Hi Vishnu.. I have rooted..if I expand my memory and install ics in my phone will it be a correct procedure
    Or first I will install ics and then we will expand the memory
    Please suggest

  64. It showed message in Link2SD is Mount Created, and gave two option 1. Reboot Now 2. Ok
    When i clicked reboot now it showed permission denied.
    Now if am checking the Internal Memory it is still same no change
    In Storage Info it is showing Internal Memory and two partitions
    PLzzzzz Helpppp.............

  65. Link2sd creates a second partition. This second partition will act as additional internal memory as it is linked with it. Make sue when you install apps only this partition is affected and not internal memory.

  66. better try partitioning after rom installation to be safe.

  67. Its just increase 25mb of internal memory i try for 1 gb but its only increase 25mb guys its just a waste of time ... as well as void ur warranty ur wish u want to do or not :P

  68. its gud and i have managed to complete the procedure but now when i have installed the applications and they have been linked to sd as well but the internal memory still got low and came to 3.5 mb ... please help me ??

  69. my id is abdurrab_1@hotmail.com
    please reply me as a mail

  70. mount script cannot created help me pls:: thanks in advance :)

    1. same problem i got in my stock rom but then it was solved when ui changed into cm10 custom rom

  71. well i tried your method but it not work on stock rom.. i changed to cm10 custom rom voila!! my internal increased.. :)

  72. Hi, Mr. admin, i have rooted my htc explorer(pico) with cyanogenMod 10.2 and have installed link2sd and did what you have told to do according to the above process. I am glad to say that it's working successfully and now i can install a lot of applications which could not be even dreamed before.

    But there is some problem. My internal storage is showing the same storage space as it was before, 150 MB out of which a few MB is free. External storage as 2nd partition is showing 1.99 GB out of which only a few MB is used. When i'm going to install further applications it's showing that it's out of memory. Here, i would like to mention that all the applications that i have installed are linked or installed on my sd card's 2nd partition. I have thoroughly checked it.What shall I do now? What is the necessity of allocating a huge amount of memory(2 GB) if it can not afford installation of huge memory requiring applications? Though applications are installed in sd card's 2nd partition why my internal storage is shrinking with the installation of applications?

  73. @ raaz,

    have you enabled autolink to all appliactions. (TICKED ALL THREE OPTIONS).??

  74. The phone's internal memory is showing the same 158 Mb even though the process has been completed. I've enabled auto link also. Please help !

  75. @Vishnu Nandan

    Yes, I have ticked all the three options..ie app. file, dalvik cache file and library file.

  76. @Vishnu Nandan

    And yes, in the mean time there is some problem with downloading from play store. I don't know why but applications are stuck onto the initialization of download. Please fix this up as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  77. I also have the same problem, I have 2 GB on the 2nd partition of the SD card under info from Link2SD but under the Storage menu on the phone, it doesn't show it anywhere nor can I download new apps

  78. I want to know that if i have created this parition once and then i flash another custom rom then do i need to again partition my sd card...?? Thanks in advance

  79. Rooting your HTC Explorer will helps you to increase internal memory. Here is the detailed working method :

  80. here shows mount script cannot be created not allowed to su

  81. please help what can i do admin

  82. After complete all steps and move all apps in 2nd partition bit still show infflucient space for new application !

  83. How to alter or remove those Partition afterwards if i don`t want those Memory ? tell me admin

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