Monday, 20 May 2013

How To Overclock LG Optimus L3 E400 Cyanogenmod 9

OverClock Your LG L3 E400 Custom Kernel 

[ Root Required ]

LG Optimus L3 E400 is a great affordable budget android device. We have seen how to root this great device and even saw how to install CM9 Custom ROM on L3.

This device has a great 832Mhz CPU and Adreno 200 GPU. This kernel update is for those who have installed CM9 in their LG l3 E400. This kernel update will allow you to overclock the cpu to a maximum 1.1GHz clock speed. It also stabilizes the Adreno GPU. It also supports zram, swap, USB fix, Camera Fix etc.


  • Please Read the steps carefully and execute them exactly as said here.
  • The device for installation Must Be Rooted - Check This : Root LG L3 E400
  • You must have Cyanogenmod 9 installed- Check this: Install CM9 in LG L3 E400
  • We aren't Responsiblie for any damage occurred to your device. Do at your own risk
  • This method is tested and working fine in CM9 L3


Overclock_ Kernel

How To Install:

  • Download the above file

  • Copy the zip file to your SD card.
  • Next you have to reboot your phone

  • Enter CWM recovery mode

  •  select "install zip from sd card" and select the kernel file. ( No need to wipe anything; cache, dalvik...etc)

  • Reboot your device and Its done!

Install any CPU overclock  app from the playstore, and you are ready to overclock your LG L3 E400.
I prefer SetCPU/No Frills CPU. You can choose any you like.

Note: Don't jump the clock setting by a large margin, move the slider bit by bit and check whether its stable. It has few problem like restarting when clocked above 1 GHz.

Feel free to comment.


  1. Have you tested it on lg optimus l3 e400?

  2. Also i have heard of some blur screen bug on new l3s on installing cm9, is it true?

  3. Have you tested it on lg optimus l3 e400?

  4. Thanks a lot.
    My Lg L3 E400 clocked at 965MHz and is really stable.

    Huge improvement in gaming. I tried to clock even higher and reach 1 GHz, but immediately restated, although in article it is said that restarting problem after 1 GHz . I don't actually care right now.

    one more. Can i increase my ram using this kernel????
    any scripts available for it, it will really be a great help.

    any way thanks

    LG L3 E400
    CyanogenMod 9

  5. @ aditya,

    i have tested this kernel on my LG L3 E400 ( CM9 ) and is working fine.( this works only for CM9 ROMs

    i even overclocked my device to 1075MHz and was working fine. I am not clear why Rayman can't reach 1GHz. Strange!

    One problem at such clock was that the device battery depleted faster ( much faster----No need to worry you will get plenty of time to do your gaming and tasks.)

  6. @ Aditya,

    Some devices have experienced the blurry screen issue. But a suitable fix has been released also. i have provided in fix link in source page comment box- CM9 lg l3.

    i didn't had the blurry screen, so did najia, rein, and many others who have tried it.

    it isn't much common as you think.

  7. Sir I already put the kernel in my SD.. When I reboot it then Install zip from the SD card I can't find the kernel file T_T

  8. What I did is I compressed the kernel.sin and I choose zip from Sdcard and I choose but it fail... Please help thanks

  9. Jhuon,

    Extremely sorry dude. Shit I uploaded the wrong file.Please give me 5 minutes and i will fix it.

    sorry, sorry

  10. i have uploaded the correct file. please try now

    sorry for any trouble.

  11. @ Rayman,

    did you install the file i gave in the link???

    how did you manage to overclock with wrong file??

  12. thank you sir! its working fine I set it 1075mhz

    my problem now is how to install many games cause everytime i installed games its says full storage

  13. NICE VISHNU this solved alot of my problems
    THANKS .....

  14. Guys,

    Glad to hear it solved your issues, keep visiting for more updates.

    1. @Vishnu..
      I still have problems.
      It seems that some games lack certain graphics...
      Can you please help me.
      I really want toplay games

  15. @ Rein,

    which games??

    what is this graphics issue we are dealing with???

    1. When i started nimblequest it only showed me nimble bit and then its all pitch black..
      And then i played angry gran run
      The menu are all black..
      So is temple run.
      And then Pou
      I cant see anybackground paintings.
      please reply back Vishnu
      Thanks in advance :))

  16. @Rein,

    What was the resolution of all these games???

    Is it higher than qvga??

  17. Its not higher than qvga Vishnu

    1. Is this the case with every other games as well?

  18. Now that you asked yes ..
    but other games works

  19. Vishnu my phone started stopping unexpectedly
    it was all perfect but it seems that i cant enjjoy my phone anymore because it stops frequently
    .. so i didnt had any choice but to bring it back to the original e400

  20. It works on my phone but...its back on blur screen that I updated using "fix blur kernel"
    "Please help me" "what can I do?"

  21. What does the USB Fix and Camera Fix do??

    I've installed the kernel on my CM9 L3 but seems that the camera is the same, which doesn't focus enough.

  22. Sir please suggest me what should be do. After install cm9 my phone don't show play store and can'tinstall app which is downloaded from site please suggest me for play store

  23. HELP!!!my phone crushed after i installed kernel when rebooting and now doesnt open...when i press the power button to open it shoes me a battery and then it close. PLEASE HELP ME!!!i want my phone back

  24. I have a problem with my phone. I put it in 1ghz and my phone go on and off i can't go on settings coz it stuck.

  25. Those missing playstore and other google apps, download from Internet according to your Rom version and flash it the same way you have flashed the rom. It will give you Playstore and gmail.....etc

  26. thanks man...this is amazing

  27. tnx vishnu for the big help upgrading our l3 e 400.. i follow ur step and read others problem.... your blog is realy a good help to us....

  28. my phone is struck at blue robot animation after installing cm9

  29. my phone went into all black screen then after wards into all white screen? how is that?... it wont open anymore?...what will i do now?... i'll report this if i have not taken into an action to fix my phone...pls help me...

  30. my lg has poor graphics after installing cm9

  31. to everyone who has failed to update kernel,

    To revert back to previous state, Just flash the Full ROM again- CM9

  32. Rein,

    I am sorry to hear that. let me check for any updates that can help make your e400 stable.

  33. @ Elims07blingme,

    I don't know what happened while flashing. There are lots of people including me who have successfully flashed the kernel and easily overclocked.

    To revert back, You'll have to reflash full CM9 ROM

    For assistance, please reply

  34. It works for me! thanks man! I can play games without lagging..

  35. My phone freeze and rebooting automically. Sorry bad english. What happen??

  36. when did it start rebooting, after installing kernel or overclocking???

  37. hey what are apps for overclocking?

  38. I have many...I installed the cm9 in my internal SD its fine.. its working...but I cant teathering wifi,and sometimes when I leave the phone to charging its totally stop,I must remove the battery ,and to connect to internet I must turn of the connection then connect again,and I can't find Google play store,and file manager like Polaris its lost...sorry bad English I'm newbie anyway,if u can please help me solve this and give your answer thanks a lot....

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