Sunday, 26 May 2013

Unroot And Install Stock Recovery On HTC Explorer A310E Pico

How To Unroot And Install Stock Recovery- HTC Explorer A310E Pico


We have seen how to root HTC explorer a.k.a pico in our previous post- Root HTC A310E.
Now when you want to go to your company/dealer you have to unroot the device. Rooting voids warranty and support from dealer.

Here is how you can Unroot your htc explorer.


Rooting can void warranty. Be careful while doing these steps.If incorrectly done, it can brick your phone. Don't worry warranty can be secured if unrooted.
  • Make sure you have atleast 65% battery remaining
  • You Should have Android SDK and Java runtime installed
  • Back Up all your required data
  • You should have already rooted your phone for this method to work.
  • Must have ADB installed in your PC 
  • Increase screen timeout on your device under Display settings (30+ min)
  • Follow these methods carefully

 Instructions: Must Read


Let's Begin:

  • Next you have to extract the files of the zip file to your desktop
  • Enable USB Debugging on phone
  • After extracting you will get two folders; one for unrooting and the other one for stock recovery.

  • Connect phone to PC using USB cable.

  • Double click the file named runme-UNROOT.bat under the Unrooting folder, and it will start unrooting your device.

  • Wait for unrooting process to finish and reboot your device ( automatically reboots, no need to manually reboot your phone). Keep the phone connected to PC if you want stock recovery.

You have successfully unrootted your HTC pico. Now to make your device clean you have to install stock recovery.

  • Do not remove phone from PC. Now run the recovery.bat file from stock recovery folder.

  • This will help to flash your old stock recovery on htc pico.

  • after installation is complete just disconnect device from PC.

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  1. Will doing all this process bring me back my warranty??

    1. Dear rajith,

      yes, u will get ur waranty back!

  2. hey i'm using cm9 on my pico and wanted to go back to my stock rom,By following this method will i be able to go to my stock rom??

  3. hello atul,

    this method is for stock htc explorer rom (rooted only). You have to bring back your device to stock by flashing a stock rom.

  4. i have got some nand burnt and can't install any custom rom. so i want to know if reverting to stock rom(with no root) and flashing this stock recovery and locking the bootloader again will settle the warranty issue, right?
    and then i can pass the phone to service centre, right?


  6. Hey im using presto rom can i unroot my htc explorer to stock...without getting my phone spoilt...

  7. @admin
    I don't have back up of stock rom..
    Can i get my stock rom back with this method....???
    Can i agian rot my device?

    "Please Reply,,,"
    I'm having big problem with stock roms..

  8. @SID,

    this unrooting is for stock rom only. if you want to unroot you must revert back to stock rom first.


  9. Hey Guys,
    i have updated my android from Gingerbread to Jellybean and Jellybean to ICS without any backup.
    Now i have to revert my android phone to original basic Gingerbread.

    Can anyone help me?

    1. I also want to get back to my explorer back to gingerbread can u tll me how to do it...??

    2. Just flash a stock rom to go back to gingerbread.

  10. In my last comment i forgot to tell that i am using HTC explorer phone.

  11. My HTC explorer hanged with HTC logo on screen after rooting my device then factory reset.What should I do now?? Is there any solution? Plz Help...!!

    1. May b u dint go through the rooting description completely!
      U'r NOT SUPPOSED to factory reset ur htc pico after u'hv dn da rooting, otherwise the phone gets into a BOOT LOOP
      Now d only possible solution is dt u reinstall ur Rom using recovery mode, nd dnt wrry ur phone isn't bricked ;)

  12. can we get same user interface..back to htc explorer

  13. how long does it take to unroot....i can see the same dos screen from past 20mins or so...daemon started successfully

  14. my phone hang plz help htc logo stuck

  15. how to unlock boot loader..
    i will try many times........
    pls halp me......

  16. how to unlock boot loader..
    i will try many times........
    pls halp me......

    go to

  17. @Vishnu

    Hey bro!
    I wanna ask you something please help me.
    I had upgraded my HTC pico from OS 2.3.5 which is the original software in my device to 4.0.2 but i dont like that. I want to go back to the original software of v2.3.5. How can I go back to that? Please reply asap! I am really worried! I wanna get back to original software please help me!

  18. @asad Khan

    Here is a post on reverting to stock rom

  19. plz help me i have rooted my phone (htc explorer)
    i want to unroot it. in this method after the phone restarts revovery.bat file does not work b'coz of some screen problem i have give phone htc gallery . soon its 1 year warranty will expire in one month plz help

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. how to download stock recovery please help me friends, i have not taken any backups

  22. Warranty cannot be gained back because the HTc dev site already has all the details about the phone and warranty is totally void. this method is of no use
    sorry to the admin
    but wanted to give the people perfect information

  23. Bro,
    i rooted my htc pico and deleted many system apps.. then i wanted to regain those apps so i factory rest the phone.. then after phone enter to boot loop and now stuck at htc logo. waat to do.. plz help me

  24. hiii,
    I rooted my htc explorer my whatsapps is getting hang....everytime i hav to uninstall and reinstall whatsapp.....pls help

  25. hiii,
    I rooted my htc explorer my whatsapps is getting hang....everytime i hav to uninstall and reinstall whatsapp.....pls help

  26. hey my computer is showing message waiting for device

  27. the custom rom i installed isn't working.. my phone is not turning on what do i do.. i dont have back up either

  28. @ prabhu

    try this method to return back to your stock GB rom

  29. dude its showing only on my console screen

  30. Okay thank u for this.... @Vishnu nandan..... After this process is completed is there any usage of partition again... I don't wanna look my mobi with half sized SD card..... I want my mobi is back when i bought.... Can u plz help..!

  31. @ PAVAN,

    just format your SD card and remove your partition using any partition manager.

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