Monday, 18 March 2013

How To Root Sony Xperia J

How To Root Sony Xperia J 11.0.A.328 Or 11.0.A.318


Make sure u are in 11.0.A.3.28 or 11.0.A.3.18 firmware ALONE with Locked Bootloader..
This method Dosent Work on 11.0.A.7.5 Firmware!

Rooting Can Void Warranty. These instructions are provided by expert XDA developers. 

  • "Dont restore factory setting or else CWM will vanish...n u hav to reflash whole firmware again  "

Before Starting:

(for .28 firmware download from [] and flash it)

" The procedure is Root first! thn apply CWM!"


if u dont have a flash tool download it  for windows and install drivers located in C:\Flashtool\drivers (choose all drivers)

since flash tool does not have xperia j drivers..u may hav flashing problem...for that and extract flash tool devices>import
4.navigate to d file u've extracted xperia j driver is installed
u can now flash without any problem

Lets Root :

2.make sure 'usb debugging' is enabled in devolpment settings
3.double click Runme.bat file for windows for linux users
4.wait for process to finish (mostly should work)

Steps For CWM:

2.'usb debugging' on
3.double click 'install.bat' only for windows (linux not working! my bad..)
4.wait for it.....installed! close the shell program and switch off the phone..

Plug in charger or USB....the phone switches up and down volume keys repeatedly when SONY logo flashes.....voila u get into CWM !

You need plugged in charger or USB to goto CWM! Else CWM wont Work!!

reboot to system and see if supersu is installed  finish! ur phone is rooted and cwm is installed !!

CWM has little bugs ..but its a never mind stuff..

use arrow keys to navigate..power button to select and 'go back' option in cwm itself to go to previous options.


  1. How much I have to wait after connecting in USB_DEBUGGING mode ?

  2. @ Raju

    with USB debugging on just connect your device. wait for your PC to detect the device.

  3. please, can you give st26a.ftd

  4. Hello ! If you dont know how to root Sony Xperia J or you want quick root it ,you should check Xperia J One-Click root
    It's root tool for Xperia J only ,custom made somewhere ,available premium public , check on :

    ** remember ,you are rooting xperia j on your risk **


  5. Xperia J need root and little overclocking to run apps smoothly .
    You can find all tools and guides on the web .
    I recommend this one ,the easiest rooting method:


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