Friday, 10 January 2014

[Update-v1.0.2] Dgb Launcher Alpha Release - Custom Launcher From Root Lord

[Update-v1.0.2] Root Lord Present Our Very Own Custom Launcher - Dgb Launcher

[Updated] Dgb Launcher- v1.0.3 (alpha)

It was not long since I started working on a new launcher from scratch. After some programming classes on java , android and xml , I knew i was ready. Using eclipse and I was able to get some progress which is currently the alpha version (1.0) of the Launcher. Thanks to and Imma Wake for providing amazing tips and tutorials.

What Do Dgb Launcher Provides ?;


Update - 1.0.2 (alpha)

Tested on - Nexus 7 2012, Galaxy Mega, Asus Tranformer , Xperia U
What's In Version 1.0.2 ??

  • Sorting of apps in Drawer is completed.
  • Refreshing apps list on the Drawer if any app is installed or removed from device.
  • Saves current drawer activity while switching from Portrait to Landscape.

Launcher v 1.0.0 (alpha)

What's in and not in Version 1.0.0 ?
  • New App Drawer view: Using 'Siding Drawer' from android i have made the app drawer similar to a sliding drawer. So just slide from the home screen to get  the app drawer. 
  • Smooth scrolling of app drawer using ViewHolder
  • Auto fit to screen size, so app column size depends on your device screen.
  • Enabled Landscape and Portrait mode switching
  • Extremely light weight for smooth performance 
  • No widgets yet-working on it...
  • Sorting hasn't been done on app drawer.
  • Activity isn't saved while switching from portrait to landscape. So have to slide the drawer up again--will be fixed on next release. 
  • Requires Android 3.0 +
  • Will not work on older versions like 2.3.6


Stay tuned for more releases with even better features. Also please share any views or ideas you have that can be incorporated into the launcher. Participate to make a better launcher.





  1. Good work..
    Needs loads of work to be a perfect launcher.
    But your are almost there. Why haven't you sorted the app drawer,man?
    Anyway continue with this. Hoping to get an amazing launcher.

  2. really like to have widgets in this launcher

  3. love the idea. Really want widget. Then think of keeping it.


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