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How To Unlock BootLoader - HTC One

How To Unlock The HTC One Bootloader



The HTC One uses an all-aluminum frame with an antenna built into its backing; intended to give the device a premium feel in comparison to smartphones made with a plastic shell. The frame itself takes at least 200 minutes to manufacture. Internally, the device includes a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4.7 inch 1080p Super LCD 3 display with 468 ppi, and either 32 or 64 GB of internal, non-expandable storage. The HTC One will also support LTE where available.


Steps To Unlock The Bootloader :

1.    Go to the htcdev and create an user account using the Register link.

2.    Once registration is complete and you have verified your e-mail, login with the new account and launch the unlock bootloader page.
Click on the direct link to the unlock bootloader page here

3.    Choose the option All Other Supported Models from the drop down menu on the right and then click on Begin Unlock Bootloader page.

4.    A pop-up warning comes up on screen. Now, hit the Yes button.

5.    You will get a prompt to accept some legal terms; tick on both the check boxes and hit Proceed to Unlock Instructions button.

6.    The next page presents you four steps, whose simple explanation is given below:

    Power off the phone and disconnect it from the computer.
    Press and hold Volume down and Power button together until the phone enters Bootloader mode.
    Now, choose Fastboot by tapping Power button.

NOTE: Use the Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to choose the highlighted option in Bootloader mode.

4.    Finally, connect your phone to the computer.

7.    Browse to the second page on the htcdev site and click Proceed to Step 5 button.

8.    On the second page, just ignore anything that htcdev site is saying and instead do the following steps:

    Open Fastboot folder. Now, press and hold down the SHIFT button on the keyboard, then right-click on any empty space of the screen. Finally, click on the Open Command Window Here option in the right-click menu to open a command prompt window.
    Unlock Bootloader and Root HTC One
    Unlock Bootloader and Root HTC One
    In the command prompt window, type the following command: fastboot devices:

       NOTE: This will ensure that your device is detected. If nothing appears on-screen with this command, then it means you don't have the proper drivers installed on computer. Verify that the correct USB drivers are downloaded and installed by reinstalling the HTC Sync Manager. And also restart your computer if required.

9.    On the third page of the htcdev site, click Proceed to Step 8 button at the bottom. Do not forget to keep the command prompt window open.

10.  After you have read all the Steps given on the htcdev site carefully, click on the Submit button.

11.  If all the steps are done correctly, a "Token Submitted Succesfully!" message appears on next page. An e-mail with the unlock key attached as a file will now be sent to your registered e-mail ID.

12.  Access the e-mail you received from HTC, and download the Unlock_code.bin file attached to it.

13.  Copy the Unlock_code.bin to the Fastboot folder, which contains a total of 5 files inside.

14.  Flash the Unlock_code.bin file on the phone using fastboot:

    Enter the following command in the command prompt window: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

    An Unlock bootloader request message will now appear on your phone. Use Volume Up button to choose Yes and Power button to confirm and continue.
    The phone will reboot and factory reset itself. It is now safe to disconnect the phone from computer.

15.  HTC One's bootloader is now unlocked. To confirm, boot into bootloader mode (follow Step 6) and the  "UNLOCKED" message will appear at the top of the screen.

The bootloader on your HTC One is now unlocked and you can now root it, install custom ROMs and kernels or make other modifications whenever needed.


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