Saturday, 13 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Hidden Innovation - Sensors

Samsung Galaxy SIV Has A Wide Range Of Incredible Sensors

Samsung Galaxy SIV has lot of incredible sensors built within it. They make the device a companion for your life like they say in ads. Samsung has released info about these hidden sensors of S4. They are;
  • Gesture Sensor: This sensors detects users hand movement using Infra red rays.Just by waving hand across the screen lets you change the music, attend a call and lot's more.
  • The Proximity Sensor, which operates within the Direct Call feature, recognizes whether the mobile phone is located near the user by using infrared rays. Direct Call allows users call a contact by lifting their handset to their ear while reading or constructing a message from that contact.
  • The RGB Light Sensor, which operates within the Samsung Adapt Display feature, measures the red, green, blue and white intensity of the light source. Adapt Display adjusts brightness, saturation and contrast according to how the user is doing on their handset.  
  • The Temperature / Humidity Sensor, which operates within the S Health: Comfort Level feature, checks temperature and humidity levels. Comfort level uses temperature and humidity measurements to assess the user’s overall level of comfort.
  • The Barometer, which operates within the S Health: Walking Mate feature, identifies the atmospheric pressure at the user’s current location.
  • The Hall Sensor, which operates according the S View Cover accessory, recognizes whether the cover is open or closed. With the S View Cover, users can still view the time and date, missed calls, new emails and messages or current song (on Samsung Music Player) while the cover is still closed. Users can also accept or reject calls without having to open the cover.
  • The Geomagnetic Sensor, which operates within the Digital Compass MAP feature, detects magnetic field intensity based on three axes. Digital Compass MAP is exactly that, a digital compass on the Galaxy S4 handset.
  • The Accelerometer, which operates within the S Health: Walking Mate feature, detects the mobile phone movement state based on three axes. S Health is comprised of several features that allow users to track and manage their health though their Galaxy S4 handset, such as Walking Mate, which counts user’s steps and also allows them to track the calories they burn while walking.
  • The Gyro Sensor, which operates within the Smart Rotation feature, detects the mobile phone rotation state based on three axes. Smart Rotation adjusts the users screen according to their angle of sight.

    There you go. S4 has a wide range of awesome sensors that will surely be helpful one way or another. But overall Samsung has done a very good job integrating these sensors. Surely "The Companion in life- Samsung Galaxy S4"



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