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Root Sony Xperia J JellyBean 11.2.A.0.21 + Unlocked Bootloader

How to Root Xperia J JellyBean 11.2.A.0.21

We have already Seen how to root Xperia J other versions-Root Xperia J .28/18

Now lets Root The Xperia J 11.2.A.0.21 JellyBean version


Rooting can Void Warranty. Follow these steps exactly and carefully.


1. Unlocked bootloader (You can do it from sony website)
2. Flashtool (download Xperia flash tool)
3. An USB cable
4. Enabled USB Debugging and Tick Non-market app installation
5. All drivers installed

Let's Root:

1. Connect Your Xperia J To Your PC
2. Download This Root File-
3. Copy "" file to sd card (ext...)
4. Disconect Your Xperia J and switch it off
5. Launch Xperia flashtool
6. Hold volume + button and connect phone with usb cable to pc, you'll saw blue led light (Now You have entered to Fastboot mode)
7. Download this: Boot.img
8. Copy "boot.img" file to flashtool/firmwares
9. Click on lightening icon in flashtool and click fastboot mode 

10. Click "Select kernel to Flash" on right side in flashtool  

11. Browse and choose "boot.img" , flashtool will automaticly flash this file
12. Turn off phone after flashing
13. Turn on phone,when you'll see blue light at bottom phone not the small blue led up, start pressing all volume buttons + and - .
14. If you succed,you'll enter to CWM recovery,click "install zip from ext card" and find "" file and flash it.
15. After flashing,click reboot system,but don't wait for reboot,just take battery out for few second and put it back
16. Now download: kernal.sin and copy "kernel.sin" file to flashtool/firmwares
17. Follow step 9 and 10.
18. Disconnect phone and Switch It On.

You Have Successfully Rooted Xperia J 11.2.A.0.21!!


  1. can you make a tutorial how to unlock bootloader?

    Go to the website of Sony and there you have the instructions

  3. flash tool says ''your device must be rooted first!!

  4. Dear Arvaidas Zvinys,

    try those steps again and comment if issue persist.

  5. how to install cwm on my j(11.2.a.0.21 fw)

  6. how to install cwm on my rooted xperia j(11.2.a.0.21 fw)

  7. once you successfully flashed the boot.img using flash tool, you can enter CWM recovery mode.

    Check steps 9 to 14

  8. This tutorial really works! Thank you for this.

  9. Vishnu Nandan7 May 2013 at 18:40

    Thank you for trying. Keep visiting for updates.

  10. Please help me for that., and tell me if its realy work.tnx n advance.

  11. @ mark,

    here is the download link for xperia j flash tooj.

    and this method works fine but you have to complete each steps with utter precision and care. Also note that you should have the same firmware listed on title. For other firmwares there is another post.

  12. My Bootloader unlock allowed said NO, can I still root my phone then plz??

    1. This method works only if bootloader is unlocked.

      Let me check about alternatives.

    2. Yep it must be unlocked to try. Strange, i unlocked mine. It didnt show me any error

  13. If i root my xperia j.. Can i save game in ext_card?..

    1. After succesfully rooting you can move any apps to sd card. Delete pre installed app by company. You became super user., you control your device.

  14. How to unlock bootloader?..i get a unlock code..but how to use?..using something app or what?..sory for bad english...

    1. Its a lengthy proces but the sony site has detailed information. Check their bootloader section

  15. All worked well..... But how to get rid off these default apps.... not able to config them with the super user

  16. You can use Root App Delete from playtore or any other app uninstaller from playsore to remove system apps.

  17. thanks a lot

  18. what should i do? when i enter "fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version" it has error "fastboot.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" can any one help me

  19. jsut like the same. "your device must be rooted first"

  20. my device sony xperia j (t26i) isn't listed in the flashtool,where I can find the flashtool for my device? and the driver for my device? thanks

  21. jsut like the same. "your device must be rooted first"

  22. my emma is not recognizing my

  23. where can find original krenel for 0.21 ? (xperia j)

  24. Tried it just now, worked like a charm. Excellent guide.

    I should mention, it's VERY important to make sure you have version 11.2.A.0.21.

    If you do, this guide is awesome.

  25. Hi, thank you by the way, I followed everything in this tutorial and I rooted my phone successfully.

    I have one problem though. I installed an app named Chainfire3D for my graphics needs. But after rebooting the phone, I stuck up in the SONY logo part, and it did not go any further. Now, I have read from some forum that I just have to execute some command using ADB shell. But in order for me to do that, I should have my phone in CWM mode.

    My problem is, I went back to this tutorial, tried your "entering CWM method", i.e. turn-on phone and wait for blue light at the bottom and press volume + and - simultaneously. Now I am wondering why I cant see the blue light at the bottom anymore, it goes directly to the SONY logo, thus I cant enter CWM. :(

    Please help. Thanks.

  26. I have rooted my phone successfully as it shows supersu in menu and root access allowed in flashtool but I cannot enter CWM recovery as I did while installing Any solutions?

  27. Watch the Sony Xperia J Vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos comparison & review videos.

  28. thanx alot dude.. ive done it with your help

  29. Hello ! If you dont know how to root Sony Xperia J or you want quick root it ,you should check Xperia J One-Click root
    It's root tool for Xperia J only ,custom made somewhere ,available premium public , check on :

    ** remember ,you are rooting xperia j on your risk **

  30. i completed the step 16 but again when i go for step 9,10 flash tool says this action can only be done in fastboot mode. but my phone is not going in fastboot mode. plz tell me what to do now.

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